The Empowerment Fund

It is the intention of Core Healing Essentials (CHE) to create an “Empowerment Fund” which would help to provide funds for cancer patients choosing to pursue the “alternative or integrative path” to healing.

As you may know, alternative cancer options are generally not covered by insurance companies – they are out-of-pocket expenses.  During my cancer journey,  I sought natural healing for the first ten months, then due to a lack of funds but a desire to fully recover, I redirected to the mainstream protocol of low-dose radiation.  Fortunately, I came through the treatment (combined with Hyperthermia) with just one major side effect –  Xerostomia (the salivary gland’s inability to produce saliva).  Due to this condition, I experience symptoms that could have been avoided if I had sufficient resources to continue natural healing.   I am committed to helping as many people as I can while they are on their cancer journey to receive non-aggressive, natural therapies if this is their path choice.

In an effort to offset out-of-pocket expenses for as many patients as possible, I am donating 20% of the profits from the products sold on this website.  It is also my intention to encourage other holistic-oriented companies to participate in the “Empowerment Fund”.  I am in the process of contacting alternative cancer centers across the USA to offer them participation in this worthy and necessary cause.  A specific code will be assigned to each center and buyers can insert the code at checkout for whichever facility they choose.

Taking charge of one’s health and making sound decisions (based on professional advice and intuition) are very “Empowering” – thus the name.      Carol L Fouad


A Brief Description of The Products Available

Carol is an Intuitive Body Work Practitioner and approaches wellness with the certainty that “undigested emotions” are at the very root of illness and dysfunction.  Carol has created CHE Vibrational Enhancement Formulas to address specific emotions and balance the energy system known as “The Chakra System”.  For a specific description of each product, please refer to the “Holistic Market” tab.  In addition, as another means to encourage a sense of “empowerment”, Carol commissioned a Los Angeles artist to design an “inspirational” T-Shirt for cancer patients (or their support team) to wear proudly.  And for our daily practice, a Gratitude Journal was also designed to remind us all that “the key to abundance in health, wealth and wisdom is the expression of “Gratitude”.

Thank you for reading the above information.   Any recommendations or donations are welcomed with open arms.  To contact Carol Fouad directly please email: or call 714.421.8489.