The Multi-Dimensional Restorative Journey

A Life Changing Experience

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Mindbody Work

Restorative Chakra Balancing

Clears energetic debris from the energy centers of the body and re-energizes them. Healing light therapy (see below) and essential oils are used to remove repetitive patterns so healing can take place.  The goal of this session is to allow you to feel more emotionally balanced, grounded and more connected to your true authentic self.                

Light Therapy Info:
If you are interested in using healing light therapy at home for pain management, please contact me directly for assistance by clicking on the “Questions” tab. 

Root Cause Release Technique (RCRT)℠
A method of Spiritually-inspired Body Work designed to explore and remove the “Root Cause” of energetic blockages that prevent one from living to their fullest potential. A session includes Chakra Clearing; Connecting to Spirit; Tapping into trapped undigested emotions at their core and releasing them through Divine Intervention. Essential oils, crystals and healing lasers are often used to assist in raising the vibrational frequency.

Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy  (Available in 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions)

Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy is an ancient relaxing and balancing technique performed on the feet with the complement of essential oils (created by Carol) and referred to as The Ascension Vibrational Enhancement FormulaThese specially selected organic essential oils were chosen to assist us with transitioning  from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimensional Frequency.


BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) Technology – Available as an add-on service or stand-alone session.

This German-designed, Swiss-made, FDA-approved device enhances the functioning of the body’s Circulatory System. BEMER is currently working with NASA to create the next generation of space suits in an effort to prevent muscular and osseous atrophy. Some of the greatest athletes across the world are being “BEMERed” on a regular basis in preparation for events and for full-body recovery. This is technology that is about to redefine our health care priorities.


  • Enhanced Cellular Absorption of Oxygen and Nutrients
  • Increased Cellular Waste Disposal
  • Improved Physical Fitness; Endurance; Strength; Recovery and overall Energy
  • Enhanced Concentration and Mental Acuity
  • Excellent for Stress-Reduction & Deep Relaxation
  • Improved Sleep                


Holistic Skincare

I work exclusively with Osmosis Beauty & Wellness Products.

Before and after pics
using Osmosis Catalyst
AC-11 (DNA repair) for 4 weeks.

After working within the beauty industry for over 3 decades, I have found a company that offers a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.  My first encounter with Osmosis was at an Oncology Skincare class.  I noticed an immediate improvement in the texture of my skin, so I made the decision to use them professionally – the results have been outstanding.

At Sulis Spa, I offer basic to enhanced Facial treatments using various percentages of retinaldehyde designed to increase cell turnover without creating inflammation typically caused by other retinols.  The liposome delivery system is highly effective and can be further enhanced with the use of our cavitation devices designed to increase product absorption up to 40%.  It is safe, comfortable and provides excellent results.    Highly recommended for acne and maturing skin concerns.

I further incorporate a Kansa Wand (see below) massage, jade rollers for normalizing blood flow to the skin and a Lucas Championnaire to refresh and rehydrate.

*The Kansa Wand has many benefits: copper, tin and zinc are the healing metals of which the head of the wand is made. A massage with this healing tool (especially over essential oils) will ease tension; recharge the cells; soothe; balance the doshas (constitution); and pull acidity from the tissues thus reducing inflammation which leads to premature aging.

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Healing Light Therapy (Scalar Wave Laser) is often used in Body Work sessions to assist the mind/body in letting go of trapped stress (cellular memory) providing a greater sense of well-being. The Quantum Wave Laser is FDA approved and are available for purchase for home use – great to share with family and friends. This healing tool can be easily incorporated for on-the-spot relief from discomfort or generalized stress.  

If you are interested in using the Quantum Wave laser at home to maintain better health and wellness click here.