The Multi-Dimensional Restorative Journey Coming Soon

The Multi-Dimensional Restorative Journey

Segment 1 – Introduction/Understanding Yourself as a Multi-Dimensional Being

  1. Welcome (video/audio)
  2. Essential Oil Formulations (PDF/Audio)
  3. Mind, Body, Emotions, Soul and Spirit (PDF/Audio)
  4. Morning Prayer (PDF/Audio)
  5. Questionnaire (PDF) (Submission required to receive Numerology Chart and for final assignment)
  6. Connecting to Your Intuition (PDF/Audio)

Segment 2 – Working With the Mind & Emotions

  1. How Undigested Emotions Affect Us (PDF/Audio)
  2. Deeper Healing of Our Core Wounds (PDF/Audio)
  3. Rather Than Release Fear-based Emotions – Neutralize Them! (PDF/Audio)
  4. Restorative Love Meditation (Audio)

Segment 3 – Connecting To Your Body

  1. The Benefits of Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy (PDF/Audio)
  2. Foot Reflexology Chart (PDF/Video)
  3. The Benefits of Rebounding (PDF/Audio)
  4. Paying Attention to Gut Health (PDF/Audio)
  5. Healing Light Energy (PDF/Audio)

Segment 4 – Face & Skin Analysis

  1. Face Mapping (Skin Type and Conditions) (Chart/PDF/Audio)
  2. Skin Questionnaire (PDF) (Submission required to receive Skin Solutions)
  3. Skin Solutions (PDF)

Segment 5 – Soul Purpose

  1. Chakra Meditation (Audio)
  2. Determining Your Soul’s Purpose (Numerology Chart PDF)
  3. (Unity, Gratitude, Love and Forgiveness = Compassion) Meditation (Audio)

Segment 6 – Responding to Your Spirit – Rewriting Your Story

Re-write an amazing new story about you and your life by referring to your initial Questionnaire, your Journal and your Numerology Chart. Imagine how blessed you will feel as you explore yourself on a deeper level and learn to stand in your true authentic power.

Note: For any questions, you will have access to my email: carol@corehealingessentials.com.

All 3 Learning Approaches include a Numerology Chart & Analysis, Carol’s published book (The Empowered Cancer Journey) plus 2 Essential Oil Formulations (1 for Face & 1 for Mindbody)

  1. 5 (50 minute) Segments of in-office Guidance    $695
  2. 2 (50 minute) Segments of in-office Guidance (Segments 1 & 5)    $365
  3. All Segments done online    $295

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Services Provided at 2 Locations

Holistic Harmony Healing & Wellness Center
152 Hamburg Turnpike
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

chakra person


Intuitive Face & Body Reading 50 minutes $120

Not feeling or looking your usual vibrant self? Through observation and intuitive insight, Carol will help uncover the imbalance(s) that may be occurring in your Physical or Energetic Body Systems. Questions will be answered and potential solutions will be offered.

Comprehensive Numerology Chart & Analysis (Provided via email correspondence) $175

The vibration of numbers has its place in our lives. Like Astrology, Numerology can help individuals have a clearer understanding of their life – on so many levels. Your chart will include Life Path, Birth, Soul’s Destiny, Growth (Hidden strengths), Life Cycle Numbers and Analysis as well as The Three Triad evaluation. You will also receive a personalized interpretation of the current year, month and a specific day of your choice.


Energy Healing

Root Cause Release Technique 50 minutes $120

A method of Spiritually-inspired Energy Work designed to explore and release the “root cause” of undigested emotions and perpetuating energy patterns that prevent one from experiencing the ability to live life to their fullest potential while enjoying a state of peace and balance. A session includes: connecting to Spirit; uncovering any blocked areas consisting of trapped emotions or energetic debris via intuitive observation, internal sensory exploration and verbal communication. Once the root cause of undigested emotions is determined, the fear-based emotions will be neutralized and energetic debris (often consisting of residual debris from others) will be released.

Restorative Chakra Balancing 50 minutes $120

The Chakra System can become out of balance for a variety of reasons. This session includes Energy Light (Scalar Wave) Healing* (see below) which helps to clear and energize your cells, organs, glands and Chakra System. This is truly a unique vibrational-raising aid. Also included is a guided meditation designed to take you deeper into your perception of this energy system.


Wednesday 2-8
Saturday 11-4
Note: Additional days/time may be available with advance notice.


Sulis The Spa at Melandre’
509 Franklin Avenue
Nutley, NJ 07110

Holistic Skincare (Prices Vary)

After using Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 (DNA repair) for 4 weeks

Before using Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 (DNA repair)

I offer basic to enhanced Facial treatments using organic plant-based ingredients to complement Osmosis Pur Medical skincare created by Dr. Ben Johnson. My approach is considered “holistic” because I embrace all aspects of who you are when choosing products, techniques and tools both for your in- spa experience as well as when recommending necessary at-home care.


Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy (Available in 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions)

Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy is an ancient relaxing and balancing technique performed on the feet with the complement of essential oils referred to as The Ascension Vibrational Enhancement Formula. These specially selected organic essential oils were chosen to assist us with transitioning from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimensional Frequency.


Thursdays 2-8pm
Note: Additional days/time may be available with advance notice.

*Healing Light Therapy (Scalar Wave Laser) is often used in Body Work sessions to assist the mind/body in letting go of trapped stress (cellular memory) providing a greater sense of well-being. The Quantum Wave Laser is FDA approved and is available for purchase for home use – great to share with family and friends. This healing tool can be easily incorporated for on-the-spot relief from discomfort or generalized stress.  

If you are interested in using the Quantum Wave laser at home to maintain better health and wellness click here.