Our Local Friends – Practitioners & Other Professionals
Massage Therapist – Kerry Fernandez at Kerry Massage & Healing Space Call 201.681.5626
Make Up Artist – Dawn Maloney Call 973-494-2515
Master Hair Stylist – Lori Damiano at Melandre Salon Call 973-667-3100
Master Hair Colorist – Raymond Serio also at Melandre Salon
Chiropractor – Dr. Charles Marinelli Call 973-777-2822
Metaphysical Store – Mystical World Call 201-896-3999

Guidance Meditation/Prayer to start the day:

Watch this introductory video:


Guided meditation

Inner Child Healing Meditation



For more information regarding BEMER, contact me on 714.421.8489.




Empowerment Coaching Questionnaire 

Please copy this questionnaire and paste it into a “Word” document, complete and send back as an attachment to  If this is not possible for some reason, please email me and we will consider an alternative method to the above-mentioned instructions.  Thank you!

Note:  All materials you receive as part of this coaching program are copyrighted by Carol Lynne Fouad/Core Healing Essentials and are not to be distributed to other individuals.  Thank you for your integrity!

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low, 10 being high) please indicate your level of concern regarding the health of the following: (Please feel free to provide those concerns)

Facial Skin:

Body Skin:



Bones (Including joints and spine):

Soft Tissue (Muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia):

Digestive/Elimination System:

Endocrine System (Hormones):

Immune System:

Circulatory System:

Respiratory System (Including Sinuses):

Nervous System:



Spiritual Connection:

  1. If any, what steps have you previously taken to find solutions to the above?
  1. Did you obtain results with the products or methods used to rebalance?
  1. Are you currently taking medication or have you in the recent past?

For which condition(s)?

  1. How many ounces of the following beverages do you typically consume in a day?

Water:          Coffee:          Tea (with caffeine):        Tea (without caffeine)                   Soda (with caffeine & sugar):            Soda (without caffeine and sugar):        Alcohol:             Fruit Juice:

  1. How much of the following foods are in your regular diet? (Please indicate Low, Medium or High)

Good fats (avocado, butter from grass-fed cows, olive oil, nuts, coconut oil, etc):

Other fats (margarine, animal fats, GMO oils, chips, fried foods, etc.):

Complex Carbs (oatmeal, beans, lentils, peas, etc):               Refined Sugar (candy, cakes, other sugary desserts:

Meat-based proteins:                        Plant-based proteins:

  1. Do you take supplements? If so, please list:
  1. Do you regularly experience physical discomfort? If yes, please explain:
  1. Of the following basic emotions, which is the dominant one that you regularly experience and to what degree? . (Please indicate Low, Med, High, Extremely High)

Anger:                            Sadness:                         Guilt:                           Fear:


  1. Which statement is mostly true?

My mind is usually calm             My mind is seldom calm          My mind is never calm

  1. Are you in tune with your intuition or inner knowing?
  1. Are you aware of any numbers or groups of numbers that often present in the form of: time on a clock, license plates, totals on a receipt, etc? (May sound like an odd question, but please indulge me!)
  1. Have you ever used Aromatherapy therapeutically – either by inhalation or topical use?
  1. Have you recently or in the past lost someone close to you that has had a major impact on your state of well-being?
  1. Do you remember your dreams? If so, are there any reoccurring or have any been upsetting recently?
  1. Do you meditate? If so, do you do so on a regular basis?
  1. Thinking with your heart, rather than your logic, what type of results you are seeking by participating in an Empowerment Coaching program?