Our Local Friends – Practitioners & Other Professionals
Massage Therapist – Kerry Fernandez at Kerry Massage & Healing Space Call 201-681-5626
Make Up Artist – Dawn Maloney Call 973-494-2515
Master Hair Stylist – Lori Damiano at Melandre Salon Call 973-667-3100
Master Hair Colorist – Raymond Serio also at Melandre Salon
Chiropractor – Dr. Charles Marinelli Call 973-777-2822
Metaphysical Store/Healing Center/Nutrition – Holistic Harmony Call 973-454-9780
Detox and Recovery (Ohio)- Columbus Recovery Center

If you are interested in knowing more about the BEMER device to improve micro-circulation, please visit  https://life.bemergroup.com/ for information, then contact me for assistance on 714.421.8489 or carol@corhealingessentials.com.  One must purchase this device from an official representative and I can coordinate the contact.  This device has been a life-safer for me and many others.