Segment 1 – Introduction/Understanding Yourself as a Multi-Dimensional Being

1. Welcome
2. Essential Oil Formulations
3. Mind, Body, Emotions, Soul and Spirit
4. Morning Prayer
5. Questionnaire (For Your Personalized Numerology Chart)
6. Connecting to Your Intuition

Segment 2 – Working With Your Mind & Emotions

1. How Undigested Emotions Affect Us
2. Deeper Healing of Our Core Wounds
3. Rather Than Release Fear-based Emotions – Neutralize Them!
4. Restorative Love Meditation

Segment 3 – Connecting To Your Body

1. The Benefits of Foot Reflex-Aromatherapy
2. Foot Reflexology Chart
3. The Benefits of Rebounding
4. Paying Attention to Gut Health
5. Healing Light Energy

Segment 4 – Face & Skin Analysis

1. Face Mapping
2. Face Chart Explanation
3. Skin Questionnaire
4. Skin Solutions

Segment 5 – Your Soul’s Purpose

1. Intro to the Chakra System
2. Restorative Chakra Balancing Meditation
3. Determining Your Soul’s Purpose
4. Unity, Gratitude, Love and Forgiveness = Compassion Meditation

Segment 6 – Responding to Your Spirit – Rewriting Your Story

1. Bonus Manifestation Meditation
2. Re-write an amazing new story about you and your life by referring to your initial
Questionnaire, your Journal and your Numerology Chart. Imagine how blessed
you will feel as you explore yourself on a deeper level and learn to stand in your
true authentic power.
3. Resource Sheet” containing links and references

Also Receive:

• Personalized Numerology Chart & Analysis
• Carol’s published Inspirational Book – “The Empowered Cancer Journey”
• The Ascension Vibrational Enhancement Formula
• Restorative Facial Formula.