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The Three Aspects of Who We Are

Our Spirit is the highest expression of who we are – it is perfection – it is Divine. It does not contain any human characteristics – it is of God. The Spirit has the capacity to guides us and protects us because it is in direct communion with the Source (God) and the spirits from the highest realm. It is one with all that is but is an expression of our individuality within the Universe.

Our Soul is in the likeness of, and was born out of, our Spirit. It was created to be the part of us that that holds our life experiences. It is the connection between our Spirit-Self and our physical body. Our Soul holds our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind; emotions; and will. When we connect on a Soul level, we have access not only to all the information contained within but also to the Universal information grid via our Spirit. The information from our Soul has an impact on our physical body as we move through our life. And there are times when our Soul’s purpose becomes clouded and we may feel “out of sorts”. Energetic Body Work can be the tool to re-align the Soul with its original plan – a plan developed when it was still in Spirit – before it’s incarnation to Earth.

Our Body is the temple that houses the Spirit and the Soul. It is our body that interacts with the world around us through our five sense and communes with its Soul…..consciously or unconsciously. What is stored in the Soul can affect us on a physical level. We often create scenarios to re-live a past-life experience or a past experience from our current one. Why do we do this? Either to learn or continue learning a lesson (Core Issues stem from here) or to re-live a previous experience that was pleasant and gratifying.

Our Body, like our Soul must be respected and honored. We must allow the body its’ time to process through unfavorable emotions (that can create physical ailments/dysfunction if not processed) and not force the outcome. The more we release our attachment to outcome, the more authentic our life becomes. We all say we are on a “Spiritual Journey” but actually we are on a “Soul/Body” Journey. Remember, our Spirit is perfect. It is the consequences of the choices/actions we take that sometimes need to be healed. Having stated that, I do believe we should set goals; have dreams; create in our mind’s eye what we desire for this life experience. Then, once created in our mind’s eye….let go and let our Spirit take the wheel. Allow all the synchronicities to occur…..allow the Universal Wisdom to come through your Spirit and make things happen. I believe that if our goals and dreams serve our highest purpose (including contributing to the World Community), we will have those experiences. I also believe if we are not connected to Spirit and we (with persistence) create certain visions (that do not serve us) we will have those experiences – to our detriment.

In summation:

Identify the parts of you that exist. We are Souls having a human experience in a Body with available guidance from our Spirit. Live from your Heart-Center that is governed by Spirit, rather than from your ego which is governed by your Soul. Remember that your Soul holds on to past experiences (pleasant and unpleasant) and tries to protect you from perceived threats that could lead to more pain. It’s not always easy to consistently live from your Heart-Center, so just keep bringing yourself back to the light of your Spirit and you are bound to make better and better choices. Find ways to release the “Root Cause” of your “Core Issues” that emerge from your Soul and start living the glorious life of your dreams.

Root Cause Release Technique℠ can assist you in getting to the source of your pain or dysfunction.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.
– Bob Marley (Redemption Songs)