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In preparation for writing this blog, on this Thanksgiving morning, I asked myself what I am most grateful for in my life.  The answer that came up into my awareness was sort of surprising.  Of all the things to be grateful for – and trust me, there’s a lot of those things – the miracle of learning new, life-impacting information – which includes (but is not limited to) health-promoting practices; insightful perspectives on sprituality; a deeper understanding of the human experience – especially as it relates to emotional-processing; how to best attract into my life all that I desire; and how to better connect with other beings – whether in this realm or other realms is what really lights my fire and makes me happy to be alive.  Learning is truly miraculous when you consider all of the “stuff” that’s already in our head.  When I come across something relevent to my life and/or the lives of others – something that could improve our time here on Earth, I get very excited – like a small child receiving a new toy.  And I start to think about how I can “play” with that new-found information.  Will it enhance my professional practice?  Could it improve my relationships?  Will I be able to rise to new levels and achieve more? All of these are beneficial and when I realize that as I accumulate more and more high-frequency information into my bank of knowledge, the more powerful I become – and hey, who doesn’t want to be more powerful at the core?

To be in a state of gratitude does wonders for our “attractor field”.  What we put out into this magnetic space which surrounds us, directly affects all that we experience in our life.  Gratitude is one of the most powerful, life-changing qualities that a human can feel and express and in doing so, we neutralize any negative energy that we generated or processed in our Mindbody.  We will receive into our lives all that we desire in equal proportions to the amount of gratitude we express.

Some folks I know keep a “Gratitude Journal”, and sometimes I do write down certain things that occur for which I am grateful, but mostly I scan through my day before bedtime and count all the blessings I received throughout the day and fall asleep with the newest gratitude-rich vibration circulating through my being.

So much can be written or spoken about regarding being grateful.  All I know for sure is that I much rather walk around in a state of gratitude than in any other state.  Think of 5 things for which you are grateful…..and feel your heart expand……breath it in and let it settle into all of your cells! If we all could live from this space, think about how the world would look, feel and behave.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Beta Glucan – The Immune-Boosting Skincare Ingredient

Beta Glucans naturally occur in mushrooms, oats and barley and are available in supplement form, but also in many top-notch skincare products.  Why has the skincare industry recognized and embraced this ingredient?  For very good reasons: they activate machrophages (white blood cells that digest cellular debris); protect and moisturize our cells; promote healing through cellular turnover; stimulate collagen synthesis; and serve as an excellent anti-oxidant (fights against the ravages of free-radicals).   One could see the far-reaching benefits of having beta glucans in a skincare formula.  

Although the molecular size of beta glucan is rather large, it has the ability to penetrate through the epidermis (outer layers) and absorb all the way into the dermis (deeper, live tissue), thus making it a highly active component with regards to skin rejuvenation and protection.  Within the Osmosis Skincare line, it is combined with Retinaldehyde (a derivative of Vitamin A) as a means of enhancing cell-turnover while protecting the skin from irritation.  It is also available (for professional use only) in a poweder form that can be added to any leave-on product that would benefit from its action.  I use it in many of my Facials by adding it to either a masque, a serum that does not contain it, or into a moisturizer.  I have found that it works particularly well for clients with a rosacea skin condition, but is excellent for acne, anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation and scarring as well.

I invite you to request information about any ingredients that you find in your at-home products that need clarification.  It is my goal to educate the consumer in an effort to promote the use of safe, active ingredients that will actually improve the complextion in the here and now as well as long-term.

Remember, in order to reflect beauty and health, it is important to take care of the inner terrain as well.  Formula for success:  Eating healthy + supplementation* + proper exercise + rest and relaxation + high quality skincare products = a happier, healthier, more vibrant you!

*For more information about Juice Plus+ supplements, please contact Peggy Anne Rockey, RN, Certified Health Coach at 949.289.0409 or

Check back for upcoming blog postings regarding high performance skincare ingredients.  Until then……keep shining in the world!

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How to Choose Skincare Products That Make a Difference

We are fortunate to have many choices when it comes to creating an at-home skincare regime, correct?  Well, as an Esthetician, what I hear repeatedly is that there are too many choices – and it’s all too confusing! Allow me to simplify the process of picking and choosing.  First, decide if your skin is oily, dry or combination – this is skin “type”; then decide what “conditions” you would like to neutralize – acne, redness/sensitivity, dehydration, lack of elasticity, hyper-pigmentation (brown spots), or dullness.  There is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin – most people report that their skin is dry when they really mean it’s dehydrated.  Dry means that the sebaceous glands don’t produce enough sebum (oil) – pores are barely visible.  Dehydration means the skin is lacking moisture (water).  A complexion could be oily and deydrated simultaneously and often a “dry skin” product is chosen – and it causes problems – mostly blackheads, breakouts and other lesions consistent with a congested skin.  So what do we look for in a product that will respect our skin type, but counteract the undesirable conditions mentioned above?  It is helpful to know some basic ingredients and how they affect your skin.

I think by now we are aware that parabens (preservatives) and petrolatum (an emoliant that is sourced from the crude oil that makes gasoline) are not good for our skin….especially when applied daily.   It’s best to find creams that use vegetable based oils like coconut, avocado, jojoba, etc.  But, as we know, skincare has become much more sophisticated and a good line will contain ingredients that improve circulation as needed; deeply hydrate; and address all of the other concerns that we have – even though they most likely are related to internal dysfunction.  The holistic approach means treating the inside (digestion, hormones, respiration, etc.) but also treating the skin directly to have the greatest impact.

I will be outlining some of the active ingredients I look for in a line of professional products as well as products that my clients can use at home for their daily maintenance.  I always say that having Facials is important, but what you’re using on a daily basis effects your skin the most – stands to reason.

Today I would like to provide some information about one of my favorite ingredients – hyaluronic acid (HA).  This ingredient is best when derived from plant sources.  It is considered to be a “humectant” meaning that it draws moisture to itself.  It is generally found in hydrating mists, serums, masks and moisturizers.  It has the capacity to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, so one could see why it would be used for a dehydrated skin condition (which I would estimate includes 95% of all people livingin dry climates).  The trick to using it successfully is to apply the product containing this active ingredient on skin that is very moist – except, of course, if it is in itself a mist.  If a serum, mask or cream containing HA is applied to a skin that has not been previously moistened, it will pull moisture from the dermis (the deeper live tissue) towards the surface, thus creating deep dehydration.  But that can be completely avoided if it’s used properly.  My advice – apply a serum and/or cream directly over skin that has been moistened with a mist containing this active ingredient or moisten your skin with purified water, then proceed with your serum and cream containing HA (or both).  It’s great for daily use in the morning, but also at night if you feel particularly dehydrated.  Since it does gather moisture, do not apply to the eye area before bedtime to avoid developing any potential “eye bags”, but use it liberally elsewhere.

Remember to hydrate your body by drinking plenty of pure (alkaline) water.  How much is right for you?  Half of your total body weight = the amount of ounces you should drink daily (but increase if you perspire more than an averge amount).

I look forward to sharing more info regarding skincare ingredients/products that make a difference – come back and visit!


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The Skin-Digestion Connection

The main reason that a well-functioning digestive system is so crucial to our overall health is so that we can break down and absorb vital, health-sustaining nutrients.  Inflammation in this organ system beginning in the esophagus, working through the stomache and moving into the small intestines, prevent the normal processes that ultimately lead to proper absorption.  When we consume foods that have that affect, we are putting ourselves at risk of malnutrition and disease.  Grains, food additives, GMO (genetically  modified organisms), meat (especially when fatty or processed – hot dogs), vegetable oils (corn, soy, sunflower, and safflower), sugar and alcohol are the worst offenders.  Digestive enzymes can be helpful, but should not be a replacement for eating a healthy, non-inflammatory diet.

The skin, like other organs, relies on good nutrition to be healthy.  When there is inflammation in the digestive tract, the skin may appear to be red – as in the case of rosacea, acne, capillary distention or dermatitis.  When our lower digestion (elimination) is inflammed, the skin will assist in the process of eliminating debris that otherwise would easily pass through the colon.  Our skin is an amazing organ in that is has many functions, but when it’s excreting waste due to poor digestion – it will clearly let you know by creating the conditions mentioned above.

Adding probiotics to our daily routine is an excellent way of creating better balance of good to bad bacteria in the gut, thus reducing inflammation and improving our immune system.  But there are devices that can also help – The Belly Button Healing Device (shown) and the BEMER device.  The BBH device is used daily, best when used througout the day.  On an empty stomache, one would press one of the ends (whichever is most comfortable) into the belly button over clothing with enough pressure to reach the organs, but not too deep that it causes distress.  However, your lower belly will feel a bit tender when you first begin this practice.  Sometimes the intestines getting a bit stiff and need to loosen up, plus the inflammation can be felt.  The link to the website where you can read more about this handly tool is here and I encourage you to buy the book – “Belly Button Healing” by Ilchi Lee.

I have written about the BEMER in previous blog postings, but I cannot over-stress the importance of placing the BEMER b-pad over the lower belly  each day – because it improves blood flow, thus improving nutrient absorption and waste removal.  I use both devices simulanteously.  I lay the b-pad onto my belly, turn on the unit, then I begin with my belly press/release action right into the naval with my charming little BBH device.  Always start out slowly with both devices in terms of depth of use (pressure or intensity of the pentrating signal – in the case of the BEMER).  I don’t miss this daily practice – ever!  Since 70 – 80% of total body immunity is in the gut, it makes sense to encourage the health in this system.  Everything is riding on good gut health – so be diligent and do what you can to create a healthy system.

Skin likes nutrients; skin does not like inflammation.  So, now that we have highlighted the impact that digestive health has on the skin, I know you will make better choices and that will be reflected in your beautiful complexion!  On a final note, having Facial treatments is a wonderful adjunct approach to attaining the complexion you desire.  Keeping the skin cleaner, more hydrated and functioning better with increased circulation (via massage and products) completes the process.  Let’s work as partners – you take care of the inside and I’ll assist by taking care of the outside through Facials and at-home product usage recommendations!  As always – put your “Best Face Forward”.  Until next time…….

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Balancing the Skin With a Holistic Approach

If we know that our skin generally reflects the health of our inner body systems, what are the steps we can take to create a radiant complexion?  The most important body system, in my opinion, is the Digestive System and that’s the best place to start focusing.

It is essentials to get all the vitamins and minerals we need to look and feel healthy.  But, living in this fast-paced world, we seldom eat enough of the right foods that can provide a sufficient amount of nutrition.  Actually, the truth of the matter is that our fruits and veggies, even the organic variety, do not contain the same amount of nutrients they once did.   So, the logical answer is “supplementation”.

With the plethora of tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and even gummies on the market that claim to provide high levels of nutrients, are the ingredients digestable and able to be fully absorbed? There are brands upon brands, lined up on shelf upon shelf, down aisle upon aisle – a sea of supplements, how do we know what to choose?  Of all of the brands I have chosen along the way (and that’s a lot), I have come back to Juice Plus+.  I like the science behind it – that’s the bottom line in my book.  I do also take turmeric, Vitamin D3, probiotics and B Complex – which are not specifically provided by Juice Plus+, but my basic go-to products that are providing the bulk of my nutrition are: Orchard Blend+; Garden Blend+; Vineyard Blend+; and the new Omega Blend+ (plant based – not a fan of fish oil) – all from Juice Plus+.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned certain foods that work for most and those that should be consumed on a limited basis.  But, having said that, keep in mind that you are an individual and checking in with your “Inner Physician” is a must!  There are some methods that can provide an immediate “yes” or “no”  – asking your  Higher Self, then waiting to hear the answer; others might choose a tool, like a pendulum, and program it to provide a definitive “yes” or “no” (that will be an entire blog posting of its own); and some prefer “muscle testing” as a method of getting to the part of you that knows all of the answers.  Of course, there’s trial and error – that’s my least favoriate way of choosing what to eat and what to take.

I will continue addressing the importance of the Digestive System in my next posting – so come back and visit.  You can also check in with my Facebook page which always provides the blog links.  Happy Eating!



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Skin Analysis from the Holistic Perspective

As I mentioned in my previous blog (Holistic Skincare), our largest organ, the “skin”, reflects the inner workings of our body.  A Holistic Esthetician, trained in Chinese Facial Analysis, can have a more complete understanding of the “what, why and where” regarding the underlying cause of your skin’s condition.  If you have a clear complexion – no acne lesions, hyper-pigmentation or distended capillaries, chances are that your body systems are healhty.  But if you do break out, have brown spots or look red – there’s an underlying reason that goes beyond “Face Value”.  I have outlined (below) facial areas as they relate to the underlying cause of specific symptoms. However, there are some conditions that do have topical causes – not cleansing properly could lead to breakouts; exposing compromised skin tothe sun could cause brown spots; taking very hot showers and over-using abrasive tools could cause your capillaries to dialate and give your skin a red appearance.  When these causes are ruled out there’s a very good chance that the reasons below would explain the imperfections:

Acne on the forehead, temples, outer cheek area, chin and around the mouth  can often be linked to the digestive tract.  Especially if the lesions appear in clusters, then yeast overgrowth is the usually the culprit. Lesions around the upper lip area is usually linked tothe stomach specifically.

Hyperpigmentation (brown spots) usually indicates liver stress or damage, possibly due to overuse of medication.

Any redness of the skin (not related to recent exposure to high temperatures) generally reflects internal inflammation – quite often related to the large or small intestines – although if it is visible on the nose, it may relate to upper digestion and/or alcohol consumption.

Breakouts or distended capillaries on the inner check area often reflect sinus pressure or congestion.

If the eyelids become droopy when the rest of the skin is firmer, the gall bladder may be stressed.  If the upper lids, closer to the brow appear irritated or flakey (eczema) it may be due to overworked adrenal glands (stress, caffeine, diet pills and other stimulants).  Over-consumption of caffeine, sugar and other stimulants can also cause an abundance of comedones (blackheads) to form on the nose.

A note of interest:  if the top lip curls up, it usually indicates chronic stomach stress and if the bottom lip curls down it often reflects colon stress.

Dietary or lifestyle changes can often have a major impact on your skin, so if you wish to see improvements you can follow the above guidelines and notice the changes that occur.  By eating more organic fruits, veggies and healthy fats (butter made from grass-fed cows, avocado, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and nuts) and less carbs and meat, you just might be surprised at how different you look and feel.  Eating raw is not for everyone, but if your digestive tract is strong, that might be a good choice for you.  For others, cooking food is best – but don’t overcook your veggies.  Carb consumpution should stay in the 40 – 60gram range for healthy people and even less for those with a health challenge.  All of these suggestions are just that – check with your physician or nutritionist if you have any questions or concerns about your diet or health.  Eating healthy, getting enough rest and sufficient exercise help to create/maintain a healthier body; reading insprirational books or tuning-in to quality webinars develop/maintain a healthier mind; and meditation, living from your heart, saying positive affirmations and praying build your Spirit.  When we’re healthy in body, mind and Spirit – our skin glows; our eyes sparkle; and our aura attracts the right people, places and things into our reality.

Until next time……..”Put Your Best Face Forward”!


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What is Holisitic Skincare?

Analyzing and treating the skin from the neck up just doesn’t work as well as taking the the whole person into account.  The skin is an organ that reflects the internal functioning of the body.  Diet, stress and poorly-functioning systems can often be seen in the color, texture and the overall health of the skin.  Those who may be plagued with consistent acne breakouts might first look to their diet and hormonal balance.

This week I will be providing valuable information about understanding and caring for your skin.  We’ll explore how you can decide what may be out of balance in your body and finding ways to correct that – which would then be reflected in your skin condition.   There are many anti-aging and anti-stress strategies which I will share as well as ways to explore the root cause of redness and sensitivity.  Everyone is unique, but there are some common denominators that are often at the core of specific skin imbalances.  I look forward to helping you find some answers that will make a difference in how you look and ultimately how you feel.   Connect with my Facebook page: Core Healing Essentials or click on the Facebook icon to find new postings.  Have a blessed day!


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Intuition as a Tool for Healing

I am currently authoring a book “Intuition Saved My Life” which is an inspirational work in progress.  It is by Divine Channeling that I’m choosing specific information and just the right words to insprire individuals going through a health crisis, especially cancer.  Statistics show that cancer is finding it’s way into the bodies of one out of three people and the problem is, in my opinion, that the number is rising because we are a stressed world filled with fear, doubt, anger, guilt and sadness – which we don’t know how to process.  Molecules of emotion find their way into body tissues and either stimulate a new generation of healthy cells – if love and joy are the emotions we carry; or we experience a breakdown of our cells because of fear-based emotions that are not being processed.  It’s normal to get angry or feel sad for a an hour or so, but when the emotions linger they start to “seep in”.  Very often they find a hiding place within the fascia (our soft-tissue armour) but can also absorb right into your organs, glands, muscles, bones, and nerves.

My work has led me in the direction of helping others find a way into the deep recesses of their Soul to find the root cause of the core issues that are increasing the incidence of stress, distress and dis-ease – by using intuition (both mine and my client’s).  In our early years, we are like sponges, absorbing all the “stories” people around us were telling.  We heard about the frustrations regarding money; health; career; and relationships; and we started to create our own story that would stay with us our adult life – unless we decided our life wasn’t working and it was time for a change.  That’s where practitioners like myself can help.  We engage the Mindbody in such a way that the energetic patterns begin to emerge and can then be cleared.  Intuition is the best tool in our tool box….and yet it goes unused by many or even most folks.  We weren’t taught to rely on intution, but rather to use our rational brain to make decisions and in some cases that hasn’t gotten us very far.  If we were taught that the Universe (or God, Supreme Being, etc) is here to support us, life and living could be so much easier and more productive.

I’m choosing intuition over rationale and so far that has literally saved my life.  Not to say that I don’t use my brain to compute certain things, but I always check in with my gut – which, in essence, is my Soul getting messages from my Higher Self.  When doctors suggested I go in for a neck dissection to have my nodes removed that were cancerous; and to have chemotherapy and a full-on protocol of radiation – I said no!  Why?  Because my Higher Self told me that was not what I needed.  I chose a different path and thank God (literally) that I listened to that Inner Voice.  My life would be very different if I followed conventional thinking – I chose to trust God and his cohorts and move in an entirely different direction.  I’m grateful for the inspiration with which I was blessed and I promised I would continue to use that organic wisdom for the benefit of everyone who is seeking change.

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Day-to-Day Use of A Scalar Wave Cold Laser

Yesterday’s post was an intro to the Scalar Wave laser and today I would like to bring more “light” to the subject. I use this laser for anything from muscle soreness to a tooth ache. Anytime I feel discomfort, I reach for the laser. There are 18 preset programs installed into the laser and an option to design your own programs. I have a list of all the Rife frequencies and on many occassions have created new programs based on the need for specific frequencies which neutralize specific health issues . By no means would I suggest that you replace going to your physician if you develop a health concern, but if it’s something minor – especially if you know the cause – try using the laser first.

I’ve had quite a lot of dental work done (side affect of radiation) which has left my gums sore at times. I have to say that the laser worked miracles with reducing the pain and swelling. I’ve also had great success with getting relief from neck and back pain. The red light emmitted from the laser is great for skin, muslces and nerves; the infrared is helpful for deeper structures including bones, joints and tendons; and the violet is anti-bacterial and suggested for facial rejuvenation since it is known to increases stem cell production as well as lengthening the telomeres (the end of the DNA strand responsible for regenerating new cells).

Quantum Wave also developed “The Lotus” and it emmits all violet laser light. I use it for clearing and rebalancing energy in the chakras and auric fields. It raises one’s vibrational frequency and because it can help to release nitric oxide in the body – one can feel happier and peaceful.  It is also indicated for skin rejuvenation.

The flying-saucer-looking device depicted above is called “quifi”.  I also run that in my home since it was designed to neutralize harmful elctro-magnetic-frequencies.  I rest easier knowing that my wifi is not harming me.

I don’t know how I survived without my lasers before I knew of their existence.  I often carry one in my purse when I’m out for the day because you just never know when you may stub your toe and I like being prepared.  Also, sometimes a person may come into your field that is not having their best day – with the laser all I have to do is sweep around my body and any negative energy is neutralized.  It’s really like magic!

Visit my services tab and watch the video about these lasers if you wold like to see/hear more.

Mantra for the day:
“Spirit Guides, light my path to total and complete wellness”.  Namaste.

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Scalar Wave Healing Laser


I was first introduced to Quantum Wave Cold Lasers a few years ago by Dr. Cathy Wong – a chiropractor in Huntington Beach.  She was getting great results with her patients when they needed on-the-spot relief from discomfort.  Dr. Cathy also saw results with skin lesions and brought that to my attention.  I attended a gathering at The Living Temple in Huntington Beach and when I heard the testimonials from several people that experienced varying benefits, I knew I had to have one!  So, that evening I purchased the Base Unit; the Violet Light probe (provides a higher intensity light); and the Infrared probe which offers the deepest penetrating laser light.  Quantum Laser is approved by the FDA for purchase over the counter and is FDA, Health Canada and CE (Europe) Cleared.

These laser were developed by a CranioSacral Therapist, so we speak the same language.  I understood  when he spoke about Still Point.  Still Point is when the CranioSacral Rythym slows down significantly (barely perceivable) while the body moves into a healing phase.  This happens naturally throughout the day, but being able to transition the body into this phase with a Scarl Wave Laser – at will – is extremely beneficial.  The more often a person is in Still Point – the more opportunity the body has to heal.

Cold lasers work like sunshine.  They offer photons (light energy) which nourishes all living things.  These photons stimulate the mitochondria to produce more ATP – the energy that drives our cells to regenerate and heal.  These lasers also have the capacity to clear cell memory.  It is said that the body completely replaces itself on a cellular level every 7 years.  But, then why do we carry over the discomfort of injuries from decades ago if the body is recreating itself?  Because cells talk to each other.  When a new generation of cells is being formed, they take direction from the old cells, so old injuries or dysfunction remain a part of our physical/emotional make-up……unless we interrupt that cycle with Scalar Wave Laser energy!

Revisit tomorrow when I share more info about how these cold lasers can work in your life – improving your day-to-day experience of life!  Until then, repeat the Mantra of the day:

“I am a Light Being shining my brilliance into the world”.