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“I’m More Than a Survivor, I’m a Thriver”

As children we try to survive the day to day feelings we have that we don’t always understand. Perhaps we’re afraid of the bully in the schoolyard, or the barking dog that shows his teeth when we pass his territory, or maybe we become frightened when our parents scold us when they also tell us that they love us. But for the most part, we do manage to get through our tender years without being traumatized. But then again, do we?

It doesn’t take a serious event to throw us into full blown survivor mode. There is a lot of stimulus that we are exposed to that has an impact on us to some degree. Just how much being embarrassed at school affects us is quite individual, or how we feel as a teenager experiencing rejection from the opposite sex for the first time. These things could be devastating or then again, they could just roll off our back – so to speak.

We can accumulate a lot of these emotions and carry them into adulthood without fully processing them unless we have the emotional support and guidance we need – either from parents, teachers, religious leaders, or if we’re fortunate – Spiritual mentors. Those less fortunate may find themselves struggling later in the life with relationships, jobs, finances and health when the burden of complicated feelings was not lifted.

When we are not living our best life, we have to decide to take charge – become empowered, some how, some way. There is psychological counseling, meditation, coaching programs, reading inspirational books, repeating affirmations and so on, that one can bring into their life to get a handle on their emotional state of being. Getting to the root cause of issues is, or should be the goal! Once we find the right combination of therapies, treatments or other tools that help us first identify any stuck feelings we have and then dislodge them, we can be set free. Living day to day just surviving in a world that can be overwhelming if we’re not grounded and balanced is not what is intended for us. We are meant to thrive by creating dreams and then watching them manifest. This is not just possible – it’s probable, if you take it one step at a time. Choose to explore your Mindbody with whichever modality resonates with you – or more than one. There are many tools in our Universal toolbox, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one(s) that get the job done – and done well.

I help people get to the root cause of core issues with a technique I created referred to as “Root Cause Release Technique”. It’s a journey to reach thoughts and feelings that are responses to events that have long been removed from your conscious mind. It’s liberating to first explore then release that which is buried so you can wake up each day and say “I’m more than a survivor, I’m a thriver” while you enjoy an empowered life.

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Love vs Fear

It seems quite simplistic to consider only two states of being – with “Love” expressing a state in which we are born and then nourished by Source and Mother Earth versus “Fear” which is the state of being that prevents us from truly living from a place of comfort.

Outside of Love, Fear is the emotion that is the basis for all others. When I think about “anger” I realize that it’s is the fear of losing control or having lost control. Think about it. When do you feel angry? Perhaps when someone says something to you or about you that is not the truth, or maybe when you just bought the new cell phone that you’ve been wanting and then you lose it or it falls into a bathtub full of water? Well, you cannot always prevent or control those things – people will say what they say and sometimes we just lose things. But when we feel powerless about the inability to control people or our possessions, we do tend to get angry – and it’s normal and very human. The key is to feel the feeling and then realize that one of our challenges as humans is to learn to give up control so our mind and heart can remain expansive. People can only hurt us if we let them and material things (in the big scheme of things) are not important for our Spiritual growth or evolution.

Sadness is the fear we experience when we lost someone or something we held dear. It’s never easy, especially when it’s a person with whom we shared our life who has passed on or moved far away, but losing an item that had great significance can be just as devastating. Many people, places and things come into our life just for a season, but with a reason. We learn, we grow and then we need to move forward from there. Our lives would be very crowded if every person, place or thing remained. Living to realize our true nature and spiritual purpose can lead you out of that sense of loss and trusting that The Universe will send us what and who we need as we need them.

Guilt is the fear that we stepped out of perfection. We all make mistakes – that’s growth and that’s why we are here. It is a waste of good energy to sit with a sense of disappointment with ourselves. The remedy is to embrace the error, learn from it and choose not to do or say things that hurt yourself or someone else.

What I refer to as “Generalized Fear” is when we forget who we are. As it has been said many times – we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We are bombarded with negative energy in the form of narcissistic behaviors, electro-magnetic fields, environmental pollution, food additives and chemicals and a lot of noise that irritates our nervous system. So, what do we do? We rise above it. We increase our vibrational frequency with essential oils, stones & crystals, clearing & re-energizing meditations, mantras, positive affirmations and by being around loving Souls that support who we are as Spiritual Beings fulfilling our Soul’s purpose.

Any other emotion you can think of will link back to fear and one of its basis forms. It’s OK to feel what you feel, but what is most important is that you realize why you are experiencing that emotion, fully come to terms with it and then eliminate its potential to reside within your Mindbody by diffusing the power it had over you. Again, keep raising your frequency and you will, with each lesson, increase your potential to remain in a state of love more often than not. To help you in your process, consider using Vibrational Enhancement Formulas as a daily practice. Empowerment is for Generalized Fear; Joyous is for guilt or grief; Dream Power is for anger; and Chakra Clear helps you to have a more successful meditation and/or helps to re-balance your energy fields naturally.

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“I’m Intrinsically Powerful”

Although the concept of being an intrinsically powerful being is a great one, few may tend to believe it. However, it is the truth. When you consider that our Spirit is the highest aspect of who and what we are and is a direct fragment of the Divine, we must see, know and feel that power. We are only limited by our strictly human essence, but as we begin to realize that we are multi-dimensional beings, we come to understand that we are capable of much more than average accomplishments.

But how do we connect to that Higher Self – the part of us that knows no limits? It’s simple, but not always easy to maintain that connection often enough so that we begin to see the magic in our life. We have been given the tools, but when we allow day-to-day life issues to overwhelm us, then we sometimes forget to take pause and reconnect to that part of us that could actually make the overwhelm greatly diminish or completely disappear.

Practices to consider are these: yoga, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, repeating positive affirmations, chanting mantras, opening our heart using creative visualization, aromatherapy, surrounding ourselves with highly-vibrating crystals, but most importantly – by putting our ego to bed. Our ego does not give us the power to overcome life’s challenges, because eventually it runs out of answers or falls victim to other people’s criticism. But when we strive to develop a consistent practice that transcends us beyond the limited perception of ourselves, our human experience becomes easier and more fulfilling. What could be more powerful than identifying the God within us and living from that higher vibration? The answer to that question is “nothing”! It is a gift and a blessing to be observed as a person who puts aside the ego and utilizes all of the tools in the toolbox that have been provided so that we can live as the intrinsically powerful being that we truly are at the core.

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“I’m Grateful”

Where do I begin? When I start to think about the people, places and things that have come into my life and have brought joy, heartache, challenges, beauty, ugliness, pain, sorrow, growth and have elevated my frequency – all I can say is “I’m Grateful”. Yes, I’m grateful for all of it – no regrets about anything, anyone or any place that somehow showed up along the way. If you’ve read my book “The Empowered Cancer Journey” you know I’ve seen it all and somehow managed to survive – in every sense of the word.

Life is to be experienced and with that comes the perceived good, bad and “evil”. But if you take a closer look at everyone you’ve ever known, every place you’ve ever been and all things you’ve encountered you will see the lessons learned from each of them. When cancer came into my life, I knew it was for a reason, but just for a season. I grew by leaps and bounds throughout the experience. My self-discipline increased, I learned so much about nutrition and supplementation, my intuition was heightened which enabled me to make excellent decisions about my health, I came to appreciate the ocean and the beach more than I ever had and my Spiritual practice grew through meditation and by connecting with my Guides and Angels. Many special people came into my life that I would otherwise never have known and although some of them passed over, I will forever be a better person for knowing them.

Initially, it’s natural to stress over challenges, but time and time again we come to see the lesson – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for which we can be grateful. It is true that sometimes we just may not get the lesson initially and how lovely that the Universe will set up similar circumstances so we have as many opportunities as we need to learn and grow so that our existence is ultimately elevated.

Here’s a short list of people, places and things for which I am truly grateful (my complete list would take days to read): my son, Jess; my grandson Evan; even my daughter-in-law, Lisa who hasn’t quite come to appreciate my brand of crazy; Drs. Faraj, Augustine, Wong, Rockey and Bicher who all helped me to regain my health and well-being; my Spiritual brother, Sean as well as others in SoCal that inspired me each in their very special way; my three ex-husbands, George, Michael and Sherif (yep – I still hold them in my heart); my good friend Bill for his patience and unwavering support; Huntington Beach and all California coastal towns; Mother’s Market & Cafe; my scalar wave laser and my BEMER device.

I’ll stop there…..well ok….just a few more: the sky, the moon, sunshine, Grey’s Anatomy, Numerology, Astrology and the other psychic sciences. I truly mean it when I say that every day I’m so grateful to be alive, to have a roof over my head, healthy food to nourish my body and I’m even grateful for the challenges that keep reminding me to be patient and yet proactive so I can continue creating the best life ever.

Your list is very long as well, I’m sure. It’s so uplifting to reflect on our life experiences and yet also be present in the moment as our life continues to unfold as we encounter beautiful people, places and things. I hope you see the blessings all around you and know that feeling/expressing gratitude brings even more blessings into your life. And so it is!

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“I Make a Difference”

As a daughter, as a mother and grandmother, as a friend and as a healer……I make a difference each and every day.  That’s what we were all born to do – make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others – those we know and perhaps those we have never met.

Just a few years ago, I may not have known this as truth – I would have thought it was an egotistical statement, but I have come to realize that there is goodness in all of us, although sometimes it becomes hidden by our own pain.  But when we choose to show up for ourselves by working on our pain body – and we all have one, we are making a difference in our family life, in our communities and for the collective consciousness.  As we find our way out of the maize, our heart becomes our brain and we start thinking of ways that we can inspire and energize the people with whom we come in contact.  We make a difference by sharing our heart and our wisdom especially in this age of social media where our message reaches thousands of people. 

Remember that no matter how difficult your life may seem, there are two important things going on simultaneously:  your Soul is observing your strategy to overcoming your challenges and your heart (which is the seat of gratitude and life purpose) is anticipating the beauty of you sharing your gifts and blessings.

Making a difference means being the best version of yourself as often as possible so others, who may need a healing hand, a smile, a silly joke or a hug gets what they need when they need it, while you love yourself in the process.  Making a difference in the world is more than just a gesture, it’s a fundamental responsibility of each one of us as part of our human experience. But, rest assured that you are making a difference more often than you may acknowledge because, for the most part, we are all walking expressions of love.

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“I am Love at My Core”

While existing within the Spirit realm, all we know is pure, unadulterated love and all of its manifestations. Because it is our choice to incarnate into human form, we carry that love into the womb with the expectation of sharing it with our Earthly family and beyond.

When that love becomes a mutual flow of energy between us and all who are aware of our presence within and ultimately outside of our gestational sanctuary, that state of being is anchored within our heart and Soul, then lives on within us indefinitely.

We are aware that for some not all experiences within the womb and after birth are supported by love, but because we originate from a dimension that is of love, that part of who we are at the core never abandons us. 

It has been said that some people we encounter may have a hateful heart or an evil Soul, but the reality is that their heart is just full of fear and their Soul is hiding behind its shadow side. Nowhere along their path, were they reminded that if we continuously reconnect with the love that intrinsically exists within us and find a way to let go of experiences that have shaded our Soul, we can continue to feel and express all of the manifestations of love – kindness, forgiveness, empathy, gratitude, generosity and respect (for the Mindbody, rather than the ego). 

Since we are responsible for our own words and actions, let’s take it upon ourselves to remember just how amazing we truly are by saying (out loud) “I am Love at My Core”. Let’s repeat it as often as we can until we are all vibrating at the same frequency.  Blessings……from my heart to yours!

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“I am Intuitive”

If you’ve been reading my blog, you will notice that I choose an empowering phrase to explore each week with the goal of inspiring the reader to find within him/herself the magic of acknowledging the powerful gifts we possess as humans. This week we’ll explore together what it means to be intuitive and the importance of exercising that gift as a way of life.

I’m not quite sure when I first realized that I could tap into that knowingness within, but I did witness it time and time again as I observed my mother, who I thought had super human powers. When the phone would ring, most often she would know who the caller was – before the phone was answered. She always seemed to know the gender of a child before it was born into this world – I simply don’t remember her ever being wrong. My mom also had the ability to take away headaches by saying a prayer over the ailing person’s head, but I didn’t realize that she was just shifting energy, rather, I thought she had a hotline to God!

When we can perceive energy – whether it’s pertaining to a physical thing, an emotion, or a thought in someone’s mind, we are exercising our intuition. It’s that knowing that just comes to us without there being any tangible information telling us who’s calling, will it be a boy or a girl, or how to clear out energy or raise the existing vibrational frequency. When we are present in the moment and trust that we have been blessed with many tools to navigate life, miracles happen.

In life we have a lot of decisions to make – day to day, week to week, month to month and so on. If we could quiet our rational mind and open ourselves to the reality that as energetic beings, we have the capacity to not only know the obvious but also the unobvious just by opening our Third Eye (6th Chakra) and interpreting the information that is coming in through our Crown Chakra from Source.

I will be going into this more in depth within my Empowerment Coaching Program which will be launching within the next couple of weeks. Check out the many components of this 4 Segment Program by clicking here.

Thank you for reading and know that you know – it’s just a matter of tapping in! Blessings

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“I Am Divinely Guided”

(It’s a longer posting, but your Soul wants you to read it!)

I embraced the belief that we are divinely guided many years ago, but the power of that reality was never as profound as when I received a cancer diagnosis over four years ago.  What I knew that day is that I could and would trust myself and the all-knowingness of Source.  I decided that I would make all of my decisions from a place of absolute knowing called intuition. 

When everyone around me had opinions and judgements about the treatment plan that I devised, I paid it no mind.  Rather, I kept in close contact with my thoughts and emotions and the various circumstances that presented themselves that clearly were designed to show me the way.  In less than one year, I was cancer-free and have been living my life with a heightened sense of connectedness ever since.  The moral of the story is that The Universe, Source, or whatever name you associate with All There Is provides solutions to all of our challenges – if we let It.  That’s true of the little things in life and the bigger life events that occur.

We were not just dropped onto the face of the Earth to fend for ourselves without a back-up.  It is said that we are here to learn lessons and that’s partly true, but we are also here to experience life – all of the good and easy and some of the bad and difficult.  Would life really be worth living if everything was perfectly perfect?  How would we appreciate all of the amazing gifts with which we have been blessed –  the warmth of the sun, the brilliance of the moonlight, the sparkling of the stars, the softness of the clouds, the tides of the ocean, the laughter of children, and the passion of love?  Heaven is that place of absolute perfection. Living on Earth is about learning to appreciate what is in front of us and navigating through the obstacles with direction from our Spirit – for the fulfillment of our Soul.

Our Spirit is that part of who we are that is directly connected to Source and if allowed, will take us through any storm, will show us the hearts and minds of those with whom we interact and will never abandon us.  On the other hand, we sometimes abandon our Spirit and our Soul records all of the stress and strain that we allow into our lives simply because we try to make decisions using an inferior instrument called the brain.  Our brain can only process what it has observed, but our mind, body, emotions and Soul are more directly connected to the absolute truth of Spirit.  We sense things, we dream things and sometimes we just plainly know things but are apprehensive to trust that higher part of ourselves.  We choose to rattle our brains and ask for advice when the truth of all things is just a whisper away.  Every day your Soul begs to hear “I am divinely guided”.

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“I’m Enough”

Sometimes we may feel that those around us are judging us about one thing or another.  It could be our boss, our parents or siblings, significant other, friends or even just an acquaintance.  But I don’t think anyone judges us as critically as we tend to judge ourselves. 

Let’s face it – our mind and emotions sometimes take us on a road trip.  That’s ok as long as we quickly find our way back to the path of emotional balance.

There are often demands on us – mostly at home and at work.  We do like to take care of our families by providing them with love, nurturing and support.  But even at home, we have to set boundaries. Sometimes the demands or expectations can become a bit out of control and it’s hard to keep up. We then reflect on our situation and wonder if we’re doing enough, being enough, giving enough.  Not to mention the office or other work environment where bosses and coworkers can often try to demand more time or energy than we’re prepared to give. What’s healthy is to say to yourself “I’m Enough – I give Enough, I do Enough, I am Enough”.

Always check in with your heart and mind and acknowledge that you are perfect the way you are.  In most cases, you are doing all that you can and everyone has to share in the responsibility of getting things done – that’s a sign that every player is respecting each other.

Don’t ever abandon yourself by thinking that all that you are is not enough – you are enough and the world is a better place because you exist.  

Human Check List:  I care, I do, I support, I love – therefore I am enough!

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“I Matter”

We come into this world with an innate sense that we matter to our parents and other caretakers. As infants we cry when we’re hungry or uncomfortable and naturally expect that our needs will be met and in most cases we do receive the nurturing that we require.  Then as small children we start to develop wants as well as needs and this is where those closest to us must be mindful. The message our children receive in response to their requests is so very important during their formative years.  Giving children all the material things they want is not the answer, but how we frame our responses is crucial.  All children should know clearly that they are loved completely and unconditionally and just because they are not being provided with every material thing they think they want, it is not a reflection of how much they are loved or cherished. 

What I’m suggesting is that as adults, we should empathize with our children and their expectations – from birth (and even in utero) and throughout their formative years. It is important to listen and try to understand what they’re asking for and why. Children want to be heard and want to know that their parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc. care about what makes them happy and aware of what makes them unhappy.  It should not be considered “spoiling” the child by indulging them when possible, it should be thought of as providing love, understanding and support.  Again, not all of what a child wants can or should be provided if it’s not in their best interest, but as I previously stated, it’s all in the way you respond that makes the difference.  We so often see adults that go through life behaving in a way that signals that they did not receive the emotional support in their younger years that would have served as a strong foundation for the development of their sense of self-worth and importance in the family unit and in the world.

If you often question if you matter – to your spouse, to your children, to your boss or your friends, perhaps look back into your past (but don’t dwell there) and see if you can determine when you may have begun to wonder just how important you are based on the actions and words of those around you. But know this – you do matter and you are important, despite how adults may have failed to get that point across.  Release the thought or feeling from your Mindbody that you are not an integral part of this Universe and breathe in the love and stability that is provided by Mother Earth and the love and guidance that is bestowed upon us by The Universal Source (God). Knowing that you matter is an important concept that will be instrumental in taking you as far as you want to go in this lifetime!!! And, if by chance you come to realize there is someone in your life that is just not capable of showing you the love and support that you deserve, then perhaps they need time and space to grow and evolve. Surround yourself, as much as possible, with people who vibrate at your frequency.

I am excited to announce the launching of my brand new Empowerment Coaching Program!  It’s fun, challenging and enlightening! It consists of audios, videos, charts and tons of reference materials.  My 36 years of experience as a teacher, practitioner and cancer survivor enables me to provide the skills and techniques necessary for you to create the life you were born to live!

For more info, contact me on or check out the program outline on the services page.   Remember to visit here again next Sunday morning for my next posting. Sending good vibes your way.