As children we try to survive the day to day feelings we have that we don’t always understand. Perhaps we’re afraid of the bully in the schoolyard, or the barking dog that shows his teeth when we pass his territory, or maybe we become frightened when our parents scold us when they also tell us that they love us. But for the most part, we do manage to get through our tender years without being traumatized. But then again, do we?

It doesn’t take a serious event to throw us into full blown survivor mode. There is a lot of stimulus that we are exposed to that has an impact on us to some degree. Just how much being embarrassed at school affects us is quite individual, or how we feel as a teenager experiencing rejection from the opposite sex for the first time. These things could be devastating or then again, they could just roll off our back – so to speak.

We can accumulate a lot of these emotions and carry them into adulthood without fully processing them unless we have the emotional support and guidance we need – either from parents, teachers, religious leaders, or if we’re fortunate – Spiritual mentors. Those less fortunate may find themselves struggling later in the life with relationships, jobs, finances and health when the burden of complicated feelings was not lifted.

When we are not living our best life, we have to decide to take charge – become empowered, some how, some way. There is psychological counseling, meditation, coaching programs, reading inspirational books, repeating affirmations and so on, that one can bring into their life to get a handle on their emotional state of being. Getting to the root cause of issues is, or should be the goal! Once we find the right combination of therapies, treatments or other tools that help us first identify any stuck feelings we have and then dislodge them, we can be set free. Living day to day just surviving in a world that can be overwhelming if we’re not grounded and balanced is not what is intended for us. We are meant to thrive by creating dreams and then watching them manifest. This is not just possible – it’s probable, if you take it one step at a time. Choose to explore your Mindbody with whichever modality resonates with you – or more than one. There are many tools in our Universal toolbox, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one(s) that get the job done – and done well.

I help people get to the root cause of core issues with a technique I created referred to as “Root Cause Release Technique”. It’s a journey to reach thoughts and feelings that are responses to events that have long been removed from your conscious mind. It’s liberating to first explore then release that which is buried so you can wake up each day and say “I’m more than a survivor, I’m a thriver” while you enjoy an empowered life.