It seems quite simplistic to consider only two states of being – with “Love” expressing a state in which we are born and then nourished by Source and Mother Earth versus “Fear” which is the state of being that prevents us from truly living from a place of comfort.

Outside of Love, Fear is the emotion that is the basis for all others. When I think about “anger” I realize that it’s is the fear of losing control or having lost control. Think about it. When do you feel angry? Perhaps when someone says something to you or about you that is not the truth, or maybe when you just bought the new cell phone that you’ve been wanting and then you lose it or it falls into a bathtub full of water? Well, you cannot always prevent or control those things – people will say what they say and sometimes we just lose things. But when we feel powerless about the inability to control people or our possessions, we do tend to get angry – and it’s normal and very human. The key is to feel the feeling and then realize that one of our challenges as humans is to learn to give up control so our mind and heart can remain expansive. People can only hurt us if we let them and material things (in the big scheme of things) are not important for our Spiritual growth or evolution.

Sadness is the fear we experience when we lost someone or something we held dear. It’s never easy, especially when it’s a person with whom we shared our life who has passed on or moved far away, but losing an item that had great significance can be just as devastating. Many people, places and things come into our life just for a season, but with a reason. We learn, we grow and then we need to move forward from there. Our lives would be very crowded if every person, place or thing remained. Living to realize our true nature and spiritual purpose can lead you out of that sense of loss and trusting that The Universe will send us what and who we need as we need them.

Guilt is the fear that we stepped out of perfection. We all make mistakes – that’s growth and that’s why we are here. It is a waste of good energy to sit with a sense of disappointment with ourselves. The remedy is to embrace the error, learn from it and choose not to do or say things that hurt yourself or someone else.

What I refer to as “Generalized Fear” is when we forget who we are. As it has been said many times – we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We are bombarded with negative energy in the form of narcissistic behaviors, electro-magnetic fields, environmental pollution, food additives and chemicals and a lot of noise that irritates our nervous system. So, what do we do? We rise above it. We increase our vibrational frequency with essential oils, stones & crystals, clearing & re-energizing meditations, mantras, positive affirmations and by being around loving Souls that support who we are as Spiritual Beings fulfilling our Soul’s purpose.

Any other emotion you can think of will link back to fear and one of its basis forms. It’s OK to feel what you feel, but what is most important is that you realize why you are experiencing that emotion, fully come to terms with it and then eliminate its potential to reside within your Mindbody by diffusing the power it had over you. Again, keep raising your frequency and you will, with each lesson, increase your potential to remain in a state of love more often than not. To help you in your process, consider using Vibrational Enhancement Formulas as a daily practice. Empowerment is for Generalized Fear; Joyous is for guilt or grief; Dream Power is for anger; and Chakra Clear helps you to have a more successful meditation and/or helps to re-balance your energy fields naturally.