Although the concept of being an intrinsically powerful being is a great one, few may tend to believe it. However, it is the truth. When you consider that our Spirit is the highest aspect of who and what we are and is a direct fragment of the Divine, we must see, know and feel that power. We are only limited by our strictly human essence, but as we begin to realize that we are multi-dimensional beings, we come to understand that we are capable of much more than average accomplishments.

But how do we connect to that Higher Self – the part of us that knows no limits? It’s simple, but not always easy to maintain that connection often enough so that we begin to see the magic in our life. We have been given the tools, but when we allow day-to-day life issues to overwhelm us, then we sometimes forget to take pause and reconnect to that part of us that could actually make the overwhelm greatly diminish or completely disappear.

Practices to consider are these: yoga, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, repeating positive affirmations, chanting mantras, opening our heart using creative visualization, aromatherapy, surrounding ourselves with highly-vibrating crystals, but most importantly – by putting our ego to bed. Our ego does not give us the power to overcome life’s challenges, because eventually it runs out of answers or falls victim to other people’s criticism. But when we strive to develop a consistent practice that transcends us beyond the limited perception of ourselves, our human experience becomes easier and more fulfilling. What could be more powerful than identifying the God within us and living from that higher vibration? The answer to that question is “nothing”! It is a gift and a blessing to be observed as a person who puts aside the ego and utilizes all of the tools in the toolbox that have been provided so that we can live as the intrinsically powerful being that we truly are at the core.