Where do I begin? When I start to think about the people, places and things that have come into my life and have brought joy, heartache, challenges, beauty, ugliness, pain, sorrow, growth and have elevated my frequency – all I can say is “I’m Grateful”. Yes, I’m grateful for all of it – no regrets about anything, anyone or any place that somehow showed up along the way. If you’ve read my book “The Empowered Cancer Journey” you know I’ve seen it all and somehow managed to survive – in every sense of the word.

Life is to be experienced and with that comes the perceived good, bad and “evil”. But if you take a closer look at everyone you’ve ever known, every place you’ve ever been and all things you’ve encountered you will see the lessons learned from each of them. When cancer came into my life, I knew it was for a reason, but just for a season. I grew by leaps and bounds throughout the experience. My self-discipline increased, I learned so much about nutrition and supplementation, my intuition was heightened which enabled me to make excellent decisions about my health, I came to appreciate the ocean and the beach more than I ever had and my Spiritual practice grew through meditation and by connecting with my Guides and Angels. Many special people came into my life that I would otherwise never have known and although some of them passed over, I will forever be a better person for knowing them.

Initially, it’s natural to stress over challenges, but time and time again we come to see the lesson – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for which we can be grateful. It is true that sometimes we just may not get the lesson initially and how lovely that the Universe will set up similar circumstances so we have as many opportunities as we need to learn and grow so that our existence is ultimately elevated.

Here’s a short list of people, places and things for which I am truly grateful (my complete list would take days to read): my son, Jess; my grandson Evan; even my daughter-in-law, Lisa who hasn’t quite come to appreciate my brand of crazy; Drs. Faraj, Augustine, Wong, Rockey and Bicher who all helped me to regain my health and well-being; my Spiritual brother, Sean as well as others in SoCal that inspired me each in their very special way; my three ex-husbands, George, Michael and Sherif (yep – I still hold them in my heart); my good friend Bill for his patience and unwavering support; Huntington Beach and all California coastal towns; Mother’s Market & Cafe; my scalar wave laser and my BEMER device.

I’ll stop there…..well ok….just a few more: the sky, the moon, sunshine, Grey’s Anatomy, Numerology, Astrology and the other psychic sciences. I truly mean it when I say that every day I’m so grateful to be alive, to have a roof over my head, healthy food to nourish my body and I’m even grateful for the challenges that keep reminding me to be patient and yet proactive so I can continue creating the best life ever.

Your list is very long as well, I’m sure. It’s so uplifting to reflect on our life experiences and yet also be present in the moment as our life continues to unfold as we encounter beautiful people, places and things. I hope you see the blessings all around you and know that feeling/expressing gratitude brings even more blessings into your life. And so it is!