As a daughter, as a mother and grandmother, as a friend and as a healer……I make a difference each and every day.  That’s what we were all born to do – make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others – those we know and perhaps those we have never met.

Just a few years ago, I may not have known this as truth – I would have thought it was an egotistical statement, but I have come to realize that there is goodness in all of us, although sometimes it becomes hidden by our own pain.  But when we choose to show up for ourselves by working on our pain body – and we all have one, we are making a difference in our family life, in our communities and for the collective consciousness.  As we find our way out of the maize, our heart becomes our brain and we start thinking of ways that we can inspire and energize the people with whom we come in contact.  We make a difference by sharing our heart and our wisdom especially in this age of social media where our message reaches thousands of people. 

Remember that no matter how difficult your life may seem, there are two important things going on simultaneously:  your Soul is observing your strategy to overcoming your challenges and your heart (which is the seat of gratitude and life purpose) is anticipating the beauty of you sharing your gifts and blessings.

Making a difference means being the best version of yourself as often as possible so others, who may need a healing hand, a smile, a silly joke or a hug gets what they need when they need it, while you love yourself in the process.  Making a difference in the world is more than just a gesture, it’s a fundamental responsibility of each one of us as part of our human experience. But, rest assured that you are making a difference more often than you may acknowledge because, for the most part, we are all walking expressions of love.