While existing within the Spirit realm, all we know is pure, unadulterated love and all of its manifestations. Because it is our choice to incarnate into human form, we carry that love into the womb with the expectation of sharing it with our Earthly family and beyond.

When that love becomes a mutual flow of energy between us and all who are aware of our presence within and ultimately outside of our gestational sanctuary, that state of being is anchored within our heart and Soul, then lives on within us indefinitely.

We are aware that for some not all experiences within the womb and after birth are supported by love, but because we originate from a dimension that is of love, that part of who we are at the core never abandons us. 

It has been said that some people we encounter may have a hateful heart or an evil Soul, but the reality is that their heart is just full of fear and their Soul is hiding behind its shadow side. Nowhere along their path, were they reminded that if we continuously reconnect with the love that intrinsically exists within us and find a way to let go of experiences that have shaded our Soul, we can continue to feel and express all of the manifestations of love – kindness, forgiveness, empathy, gratitude, generosity and respect (for the Mindbody, rather than the ego). 

Since we are responsible for our own words and actions, let’s take it upon ourselves to remember just how amazing we truly are by saying (out loud) “I am Love at My Core”. Let’s repeat it as often as we can until we are all vibrating at the same frequency.  Blessings……from my heart to yours!