(It’s a longer posting, but your Soul wants you to read it!)

I embraced the belief that we are divinely guided many years ago, but the power of that reality was never as profound as when I received a cancer diagnosis over four years ago.  What I knew that day is that I could and would trust myself and the all-knowingness of Source.  I decided that I would make all of my decisions from a place of absolute knowing called intuition. 

When everyone around me had opinions and judgements about the treatment plan that I devised, I paid it no mind.  Rather, I kept in close contact with my thoughts and emotions and the various circumstances that presented themselves that clearly were designed to show me the way.  In less than one year, I was cancer-free and have been living my life with a heightened sense of connectedness ever since.  The moral of the story is that The Universe, Source, or whatever name you associate with All There Is provides solutions to all of our challenges – if we let It.  That’s true of the little things in life and the bigger life events that occur.

We were not just dropped onto the face of the Earth to fend for ourselves without a back-up.  It is said that we are here to learn lessons and that’s partly true, but we are also here to experience life – all of the good and easy and some of the bad and difficult.  Would life really be worth living if everything was perfectly perfect?  How would we appreciate all of the amazing gifts with which we have been blessed –  the warmth of the sun, the brilliance of the moonlight, the sparkling of the stars, the softness of the clouds, the tides of the ocean, the laughter of children, and the passion of love?  Heaven is that place of absolute perfection. Living on Earth is about learning to appreciate what is in front of us and navigating through the obstacles with direction from our Spirit – for the fulfillment of our Soul.

Our Spirit is that part of who we are that is directly connected to Source and if allowed, will take us through any storm, will show us the hearts and minds of those with whom we interact and will never abandon us.  On the other hand, we sometimes abandon our Spirit and our Soul records all of the stress and strain that we allow into our lives simply because we try to make decisions using an inferior instrument called the brain.  Our brain can only process what it has observed, but our mind, body, emotions and Soul are more directly connected to the absolute truth of Spirit.  We sense things, we dream things and sometimes we just plainly know things but are apprehensive to trust that higher part of ourselves.  We choose to rattle our brains and ask for advice when the truth of all things is just a whisper away.  Every day your Soul begs to hear “I am divinely guided”.