Sometimes we may feel that those around us are judging us about one thing or another.  It could be our boss, our parents or siblings, significant other, friends or even just an acquaintance.  But I don’t think anyone judges us as critically as we tend to judge ourselves. 

Let’s face it – our mind and emotions sometimes take us on a road trip.  That’s ok as long as we quickly find our way back to the path of emotional balance.

There are often demands on us – mostly at home and at work.  We do like to take care of our families by providing them with love, nurturing and support.  But even at home, we have to set boundaries. Sometimes the demands or expectations can become a bit out of control and it’s hard to keep up. We then reflect on our situation and wonder if we’re doing enough, being enough, giving enough.  Not to mention the office or other work environment where bosses and coworkers can often try to demand more time or energy than we’re prepared to give. What’s healthy is to say to yourself “I’m Enough – I give Enough, I do Enough, I am Enough”.

Always check in with your heart and mind and acknowledge that you are perfect the way you are.  In most cases, you are doing all that you can and everyone has to share in the responsibility of getting things done – that’s a sign that every player is respecting each other.

Don’t ever abandon yourself by thinking that all that you are is not enough – you are enough and the world is a better place because you exist.  

Human Check List:  I care, I do, I support, I love – therefore I am enough!