We come into this world with an innate sense that we matter to our parents and other caretakers. As infants we cry when we’re hungry or uncomfortable and naturally expect that our needs will be met and in most cases we do receive the nurturing that we require.  Then as small children we start to develop wants as well as needs and this is where those closest to us must be mindful. The message our children receive in response to their requests is so very important during their formative years.  Giving children all the material things they want is not the answer, but how we frame our responses is crucial.  All children should know clearly that they are loved completely and unconditionally and just because they are not being provided with every material thing they think they want, it is not a reflection of how much they are loved or cherished. 

What I’m suggesting is that as adults, we should empathize with our children and their expectations – from birth (and even in utero) and throughout their formative years. It is important to listen and try to understand what they’re asking for and why. Children want to be heard and want to know that their parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc. care about what makes them happy and aware of what makes them unhappy.  It should not be considered “spoiling” the child by indulging them when possible, it should be thought of as providing love, understanding and support.  Again, not all of what a child wants can or should be provided if it’s not in their best interest, but as I previously stated, it’s all in the way you respond that makes the difference.  We so often see adults that go through life behaving in a way that signals that they did not receive the emotional support in their younger years that would have served as a strong foundation for the development of their sense of self-worth and importance in the family unit and in the world.

If you often question if you matter – to your spouse, to your children, to your boss or your friends, perhaps look back into your past (but don’t dwell there) and see if you can determine when you may have begun to wonder just how important you are based on the actions and words of those around you. But know this – you do matter and you are important, despite how adults may have failed to get that point across.  Release the thought or feeling from your Mindbody that you are not an integral part of this Universe and breathe in the love and stability that is provided by Mother Earth and the love and guidance that is bestowed upon us by The Universal Source (God). Knowing that you matter is an important concept that will be instrumental in taking you as far as you want to go in this lifetime!!! And, if by chance you come to realize there is someone in your life that is just not capable of showing you the love and support that you deserve, then perhaps they need time and space to grow and evolve. Surround yourself, as much as possible, with people who vibrate at your frequency.

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