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If you or anyone close to you is struggling with a diagnosis of cancer or any other significant disease or condition, I urge you to read this book. It’s a very easy read chock full of experience, concepts, information and solutions to meet the challenges associated with being on a healing journey.

The updated book cover (different from the previously posted version) reflects the concept of the book very well – Living with light during a time that may be considered a “dark” time by many.

For those stricken will an illness, standing in your authentic power when one might expect you to be in your most vulnerable state will enable guidance from Source to flow into your life and allow the right people, places and things to come into your awareness as you need them.

The book offers tools one can use to stay in a state of awareness which is where you want to be for the duration – from diagnosis to healing. This is your life – you’re in charge. Make decisions from a place of power rather than succumbing to the pressures placed upon patients when they are most fearful and confused. Cancer and other illness is big business for the medical field, so being cautious is highly recommended. Many physicians have great intentions, but medicine is a practice – I wasn’t fond of the idea of anyone “practicing” on me…..and then of course, there is Big Pharma to consider.

I trust in Source (God, Super Intelligence, or whatever name you have for the Higher Power) and I trust in my own intuition – a gift provided at birth – and we all have it!

May reading this book bless you and bring you comfort – but most importantly may it inspire you and bring you to a place of Knowing, Doing, Surviving.

My contact information is provided within the book, as well as on this site for your to share your story with me. Please also review this book on Amazon here.

Sending blessings your way!

Carol Lynne Fouad