Hello Readers, Clients and Friends,

It has been quite some time since I have posted on my blog and for this I apologize!  But, the good news is that I’ve been working diligently on my book that I hope to have ready for self-publishing very soon.  It is entitled “The Empowered Cancer Journey” with the subtitle: “Knowing, Doing, Surviving – The Intuitive Approach to Healing”.  I am not certain this will be the final title or look of the book cover – but it’s where I am thus far!

It is long over-due, but this being my very first book, I was trying to develop a strategy to get the important information across in a way that would instill  a great sense of empowerment within the reader.  When it is finally available, I urge you to read it if you are currently challenged with cancer or any other significant illness or you know of someone that is on their own healing journey.  My goal for this book is to reach the hearts and minds of everyone that has an interest in knowing more about health, illness and intuition.  We have all been blessed with the gift of intuition, but how many of us are using it on a daily basis – for the small decisions we have to make and for the larger, more difficult ones?  There are effective strategies designed to increase your intuitive muscle and my book offers a step-by-step process.  But first and foremost, I believe it provides hope and  inspiration for those whose lives may have been shattered by receiving a disease diagnosis.

I hold nothing back when it comes to sharing my story and bringing to light the mainstream vs the alternative approach.  I may be criticized by some and yet applauded by others but I’m willing to take that chance.  I would love for everyone to be “in the know” and be able to make those tough decisions with eyes wide open.

I ask that you support my endeavor to educate, empower and illuminate while I take the risk of potential retaliation by the financial powers that be. I know that sounds dramatic, but many individuals succumbed to untimely deaths while coming up against the powerful forces behind the multi-billion dollar entities that try to hold us in the palm of their hands.  We currently live in a society where the Food Industry, the FDA and the Medical/Pharmaceutical industries are benefiting from our powerless approach to sustaining our health or trying to survive cancer and other health-related calamities.   As citizens of this world – we deserve better.  I will keep you all posted as the release date draws near.  Still working on final details…..but I am so very excited to have the opportunity to open my “Avenue of Expression” to the world.  If you sign up for my blog, you will stay informed.  Blessings.