We are born from “The Mothers of the Earth” to be loved and nourished.  And under normal circumstances, we are fed, changed, bathed and amused by them….until we can begin to take care of some of our own needs.  We go to school for years to learn skills that eventually will allow us to earn a living and to some degree – function in the world.  However, there is no curriculum which teaches us how to be mothers – we have to observe those around us, especially the women within our own families and communities.  Sometimes we have great role models all around us and sometimes we have to look outside of our circle for the characteristics that make sense to us.  Nonetheless, I believe that all mothers should be honored for giving the best of themselves – we can only give what we have to give.

Not all women reflect the “Caretaker” archetype – some are lighter on the nourishing and heavier on the inspiring through example – especially the professional/working moms – and yet some moms are so balanced they give it all!  Being someone’s mom is a blessing although it’s not for every woman – and that’s more than OK – it is the right of every woman to contribute to this world in a way that suits who they are and what they are choosing to experience.  So, in my opinion, if you are a woman and you have an open heart which enables you to give love to this world in some way – either with every day good deeds or through your career path – you are a “Mother of the Earth”.  Motherhood is an energetic state of being as well as a biological identification.

I took a class several years ago called “Inner Child Healing” in the California desert.  At one point in the class, we were given a basic protocol which was to help us be “reborn” energetically/emotionally – leaving all perceived negative experiences behind.  We were in groups of three and we had to each choose who we wanted to represent our “mother figure” for the re-birthing process.  Well, I chose a man.  I felt that his energetic quality was very healing and nourishing and that’s what  I needed to successfully experience the re-birthing process that was being described.  And so it was!  The outcome was amazing and so I even honor that male participant for putting forth his feminine healing energy that this planet so desperately relies on for comfort and growth.

You may realize that we all possess both the feminine and male energies…..and we certainly need male energies too for many things (OK, I can’t think right now, LOL) but it is the Mother Energy that gives new life; creates peace and comfort; and finds solutions that come from the heart.

I am proud to be the mother of a fine man who has shaped his life (not without unbelievable challenges) into one that brings him happiness and a sense of accomplishment.  I am also blessed to be a “Nanna” to the most special child in the world (of course I feel that way!) and to enjoy the amount of love he so easily shares.  So, having said that, I honor my daughter-in-law, Lisa who has contributed to the lives of my two favorite guys in the whole wide world in a way that has truly enriched them – and it shows!

God bless the “Mother Energy”.