When we become ill, how do we heal?  The more important question is how do we become ill in the first place?   What our medical professionals often want to know is if the condition with which you were diagnosed runs in your family (other than colds, flu or the more common short-lived illnesses).  But, if taking the “holistic healing” approach, I believe the question of epigenetics might be more important, in most cases, than genetics – because getting to the root cause of the condition enables us to holistically address the health concern.

If you’re wondering what I mean by “epigenetics” – it’s a relatively new word that is floating around in the healthcare industry.  What we eat, where we live, who we interact with, when we sleep, how we exercise (or if we do) – all of these can eventually cause chemical modifications around our genes and they will turn on or off over time.  In addition, undigested emotions can be added to the list of epigenetic factors that can also impact our genes.  Consistent “positive vibrations” flowing through the Mindbody could have a positive impact on our genes and consistent negative vibrations can create illness.

Going back to the original two questions:  how do we become ill and how do we heal do not have simple answers.  There are many factors to consider when trying to sort out just what made us ill.  Was it our diet?  Are we not getting enough or the right type of exercise for our body?  Are we burnt-out at work?  Is our spouse stressing us out?  The questions we could ask ourselves are endless.  In order to fully heal from any condition, we must get to the root cause of the problem, as I mentioned above.   In a nutshell – we have to get honest with ourselves.  We would all like to think “we have it all together”, but if we did – we would be well.  Illness doesn’t just appear in our lives – it’s there for a reason and it’s usually a “wake-up” call.

Whether you’re ill with a cold, the flu, heart disease, cancer, arthritis or any other ailment you could think of – it’s not random.  It is my belief that although a physical reason could be found for any of the conditions named above or any other illness – there’s always an underlying emotional cause – and that’s the premise of my Mindbody Work which is an essential part of Holistic Healing.

Our cells respond to chemical cues that originate as an emotional charge.  When our lives are filled with more joy and peace rather than sadness and unrest, our cells receive specific vibrations that encourage health and wellness; but when our lives are filled with stress and emotions based in fear (anger, frustration, fear of life’s processes, sadness, guilt, etc) our cells absorb those emotions in the form of an electrical charge that causes damage to our cells.  This was proven by Candace Pert, Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University (I highly recommend her book:  Molecules of Emotion).  That could partially explain why some people catch every virus going around and others do not.  Our immune system does not function well when our cells – which make up tissues, which make up organs, which make up systems – are not functioning optimally and in some cases functioning at a very low level.

Holistic Healing is all about getting in touch with what’s bugging us – not what bug we have or don’t have!  It’s about looking at all aspects of living in a healthy way – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  My perspective is this:  if we are emotionally healthy, then we’re choosing a lifestyle that is providing us with all of what we need to be strong and balanced – proper food/supplements, pure water, correct exercise, proper rest, quiet time to read or meditate, healthy activities that enhance our well-being, as well as methods of releasing emotional debris – old and new.  This last component of living holistically is the most important – but what methods really work to help us accomplish this?  Here’s my list of recommended tools:  aromatherapy, meditation and visualization, breathing techniques, Chakra Clearing and heart-centered living.  I don’t necessarily recommend picking and choosing – we need to embrace all of these tools – regularly and consistently.

In my next post, I will elaborate on “heart-centered living”.  Until then, click on the aromatherapy link above and read about my Vibrational Enhancement Formulas that are emotion-specific with the exception of “Chakra Clear” which clears debris from your energy centers and enables you to receive guidance with greater ease.  Also, check out my new “Inspirational Cancer T-Shirt” (in black or white) and “Gratitude Journal” all found at the Shop to Inspire tab.