Everyone 25+ years of age is interested in anti-aging skincare products and services.  Some (especially women) on the lower side of the spectrum have already started with injectables especially Botox and any of the hyaluronic acid products.  However, there are a number of people, both men and women, that prefer to stay within the “natural” realm of skincare to increase the health of their skin, thus preventing signs of premature aging.  Aromatherapy can be used by all – whether staying natural is your overall approach or if you choose the medical route as well.

We all know the basics of creating an improved complexion (working topically) – cleansing, toning, serum application, daytime and evening treatment creams and the daily application of an SPF (at least 30 – zinc based).  Adding an essential oil formula to the mix will enhance hydration, oxygenation and cellular detoxification.  So, after you cleanse and tone (some cleansers do not require a toner follow-up), apply your hydrating/anti-oxidant serum then follow with your essential oil formula.  Finish with your cream application and in the daytime – your SPF…..and you’re good to go!

Here are a few more Aromatherapy recipes to enhance specific skin conditions: (Refer to yesterday’s blog posting for more info on other formulas and Carrier Oils)

Note:  Apply 6 drops total of your special formula.

Anti-Aging Revitalizing Formula
1/2 ounce Carrier Oil of Choice (preferably avocado)
2 Drops Organic Frankincense
2 Drops Organic Myrrh
2 Drops Organic Neroli
2 Drops Organic Rose Geranium

Dehydrated Skin Formula
1/2 ounce Carrier Oil of Choice
3 Drops Organic Lavender
2 Drops Organic Palmarosa
2 Drops Organic Jasmin (Sambac preferred) Absolute
1 Drop Organic Ylang Ylang

I know you will enjoy playing chemist as you put together your favorite formula(s).  A twice a day application is perfect…..and it could be the same formula twice, or a different one at the beginning of the day from the one you use at bedtime.  And, again, please visit yesterday’s posting for essential oil and carrier oil vendors.  Bottles (I recommend shaker top) can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Be sure to sign up for blog updates…..I will continue the series on Aromatherapy with my next posting.  Essential oils are truly “gifts of the gods”.