My last blog posting outlined some valuable information about using Aromatherapy safely and effectively.  Today I would like to share a couple of recipes that are therapeutic for your facial skin.  Remember that all formulas for face should be approximately 2-2.5% dilution (8 drops of essential oil per 1/2 ounce of carrier oil or 15-17 drops of essential oils to 1 oz of carrier oil).

Acneic Skin
My favorite carrier oils for oily/acneic skin are:
Organic Grapeseed (lightweight)
Organic Jojoba (closest in texture to our own sebum)
Organic Hempseed (balances sebum and hormones)
Organic Evening Primrose (especially for hormone-related acne).

Clearing/Soothing/Balancing Blend for Acneic Skin
1/2 ounce Carrier Oil of choice
1 Drop Organic Tea Tree essential oil
1 Drop Organic German Chamomile
3 Drops Organic Spike Lavender (regular Lavender if that’s what you have)
3 Drops Organic Atlas Cedar

Sensitive Skin
My favorite carrier oils for skin that becomes easily irritated are:
Organic Tamanu (heals the most compromised skin)
Organic Avocado oil (full of vitamins)
Organic Coconut Oil (it penetrates well and smells delicious)

Comfort Blend for Sensitive Skin
1/2 ounce Carrier Oil of choice
3 Drops Organic Lavender essential oil
3 Drops Organic Everlasting (Helichrysum) essential oil
1 Drops Organic Roman Chamomile essential oil
1 Drops Organic Rockrose (Cistus) essential oil

Until I expand my line beyond the Four (4) Vibrational Enhancement Formulas, the best resource for carrier oils is Organic Infusions
and the best resources for Essential Oils are DoTerra; Mountain Rose Herbs; or Young Living

My next posting will include more recipes including an Anti-Aging Blend and  A Relaxation Formula.  Remember that “Aromatherapy Makes Scents”
To Be Continued………