Last night I started reading “Millionaire Success Habits” by Dean Graziosi.    And after asking myself the tough question – Where am I in life?…….I made a list of the various categories that comprise my life story:  Health; Wealth; Relationships; and Lifestyle.  “Holy Toledo!”,  I thought, “I want and deserve more!”

I haven’t gotten very far in the book yet, but just writing down what isn’t working in my life has awakened me to the fact that I really need to find out what exactly it is that lights my fire!  Don’t misunderstand – I totally love beauty and wellness – but in what way can I best serve my community that fills every fiber of my being with total joy?  I’m a Practitioner; I developed a new protocol and an essential oil line that can help one process through their undigested emotions; and I’ve been blogging because I love to write  and offer sound advice about beauty and wellness-related subjects – it has always been something that I shared with my clients through the years.  But I’m feeling like I can create more; help more; be more.  Not to mention all of the other areas of my life where I could excel – sometimes I focus so much on my career that I put other things on the back burner.  I know life is about balance, so I’m saying it out loud ” I will learn more; I will travel more; I will exercise more; I will eat even better; I will socialize more; I will create abundance in every area of my life and do my part within the world community to help others achieve their goals”.  Now I am committed to doing it!  Thank you for reading – you are my inspiration!

Now, are you ready to ask yourself the tough question?  I would love to support your process by acknowledging your committment, so please feel free to leave your comments.