In preparation for writing this blog, on this Thanksgiving morning, I asked myself what I am most grateful for in my life.  The answer that came up into my awareness was sort of surprising.  Of all the things to be grateful for – and trust me, there’s a lot of those things – the miracle of learning new, life-impacting information – which includes (but is not limited to) health-promoting practices; insightful perspectives on sprituality; a deeper understanding of the human experience – especially as it relates to emotional-processing; how to best attract into my life all that I desire; and how to better connect with other beings – whether in this realm or other realms is what really lights my fire and makes me happy to be alive.  Learning is truly miraculous when you consider all of the “stuff” that’s already in our head.  When I come across something relevent to my life and/or the lives of others – something that could improve our time here on Earth, I get very excited – like a small child receiving a new toy.  And I start to think about how I can “play” with that new-found information.  Will it enhance my professional practice?  Could it improve my relationships?  Will I be able to rise to new levels and achieve more? All of these are beneficial and when I realize that as I accumulate more and more high-frequency information into my bank of knowledge, the more powerful I become – and hey, who doesn’t want to be more powerful at the core?

To be in a state of gratitude does wonders for our “attractor field”.  What we put out into this magnetic space which surrounds us, directly affects all that we experience in our life.  Gratitude is one of the most powerful, life-changing qualities that a human can feel and express and in doing so, we neutralize any negative energy that we generated or processed in our Mindbody.  We will receive into our lives all that we desire in equal proportions to the amount of gratitude we express.

Some folks I know keep a “Gratitude Journal”, and sometimes I do write down certain things that occur for which I am grateful, but mostly I scan through my day before bedtime and count all the blessings I received throughout the day and fall asleep with the newest gratitude-rich vibration circulating through my being.

So much can be written or spoken about regarding being grateful.  All I know for sure is that I much rather walk around in a state of gratitude than in any other state.  Think of 5 things for which you are grateful…..and feel your heart expand……breath it in and let it settle into all of your cells! If we all could live from this space, think about how the world would look, feel and behave.

Happy Thanksgiving!