Beta Glucans naturally occur in mushrooms, oats and barley and are available in supplement form, but also in many top-notch skincare products.  Why has the skincare industry recognized and embraced this ingredient?  For very good reasons: they activate machrophages (white blood cells that digest cellular debris); protect and moisturize our cells; promote healing through cellular turnover; stimulate collagen synthesis; and serve as an excellent anti-oxidant (fights against the ravages of free-radicals).   One could see the far-reaching benefits of having beta glucans in a skincare formula.  

Although the molecular size of beta glucan is rather large, it has the ability to penetrate through the epidermis (outer layers) and absorb all the way into the dermis (deeper, live tissue), thus making it a highly active component with regards to skin rejuvenation and protection.  Within the Osmosis Skincare line, it is combined with Retinaldehyde (a derivative of Vitamin A) as a means of enhancing cell-turnover while protecting the skin from irritation.  It is also available (for professional use only) in a poweder form that can be added to any leave-on product that would benefit from its action.  I use it in many of my Facials by adding it to either a masque, a serum that does not contain it, or into a moisturizer.  I have found that it works particularly well for clients with a rosacea skin condition, but is excellent for acne, anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation and scarring as well.

I invite you to request information about any ingredients that you find in your at-home products that need clarification.  It is my goal to educate the consumer in an effort to promote the use of safe, active ingredients that will actually improve the complextion in the here and now as well as long-term.

Remember, in order to reflect beauty and health, it is important to take care of the inner terrain as well.  Formula for success:  Eating healthy + supplementation* + proper exercise + rest and relaxation + high quality skincare products = a happier, healthier, more vibrant you!

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Check back for upcoming blog postings regarding high performance skincare ingredients.  Until then……keep shining in the world!