The main reason that a well-functioning digestive system is so crucial to our overall health is so that we can break down and absorb vital, health-sustaining nutrients.  Inflammation in this organ system beginning in the esophagus, working through the stomache and moving into the small intestines, prevent the normal processes that ultimately lead to proper absorption.  When we consume foods that have that affect, we are putting ourselves at risk of malnutrition and disease.  Grains, food additives, GMO (genetically  modified organisms), meat (especially when fatty or processed – hot dogs), vegetable oils (corn, soy, sunflower, and safflower), sugar and alcohol are the worst offenders.  Digestive enzymes can be helpful, but should not be a replacement for eating a healthy, non-inflammatory diet.

The skin, like other organs, relies on good nutrition to be healthy.  When there is inflammation in the digestive tract, the skin may appear to be red – as in the case of rosacea, acne, capillary distention or dermatitis.  When our lower digestion (elimination) is inflammed, the skin will assist in the process of eliminating debris that otherwise would easily pass through the colon.  Our skin is an amazing organ in that is has many functions, but when it’s excreting waste due to poor digestion – it will clearly let you know by creating the conditions mentioned above.

Adding probiotics to our daily routine is an excellent way of creating better balance of good to bad bacteria in the gut, thus reducing inflammation and improving our immune system.  But there are devices that can also help – The Belly Button Healing Device (shown) and the BEMER device.  The BBH device is used daily, best when used througout the day.  On an empty stomache, one would press one of the ends (whichever is most comfortable) into the belly button over clothing with enough pressure to reach the organs, but not too deep that it causes distress.  However, your lower belly will feel a bit tender when you first begin this practice.  Sometimes the intestines getting a bit stiff and need to loosen up, plus the inflammation can be felt.  The link to the website where you can read more about this handly tool is here and I encourage you to buy the book – “Belly Button Healing” by Ilchi Lee.

I have written about the BEMER in previous blog postings, but I cannot over-stress the importance of placing the BEMER b-pad over the lower belly  each day – because it improves blood flow, thus improving nutrient absorption and waste removal.  I use both devices simulanteously.  I lay the b-pad onto my belly, turn on the unit, then I begin with my belly press/release action right into the naval with my charming little BBH device.  Always start out slowly with both devices in terms of depth of use (pressure or intensity of the pentrating signal – in the case of the BEMER).  I don’t miss this daily practice – ever!  Since 70 – 80% of total body immunity is in the gut, it makes sense to encourage the health in this system.  Everything is riding on good gut health – so be diligent and do what you can to create a healthy system.

Skin likes nutrients; skin does not like inflammation.  So, now that we have highlighted the impact that digestive health has on the skin, I know you will make better choices and that will be reflected in your beautiful complexion!  On a final note, having Facial treatments is a wonderful adjunct approach to attaining the complexion you desire.  Keeping the skin cleaner, more hydrated and functioning better with increased circulation (via massage and products) completes the process.  Let’s work as partners – you take care of the inside and I’ll assist by taking care of the outside through Facials and at-home product usage recommendations!  As always – put your “Best Face Forward”.  Until next time…….