If we know that our skin generally reflects the health of our inner body systems, what are the steps we can take to create a radiant complexion?  The most important body system, in my opinion, is the Digestive System and that’s the best place to start focusing.

It is essentials to get all the vitamins and minerals we need to look and feel healthy.  But, living in this fast-paced world, we seldom eat enough of the right foods that can provide a sufficient amount of nutrition.  Actually, the truth of the matter is that our fruits and veggies, even the organic variety, do not contain the same amount of nutrients they once did.   So, the logical answer is “supplementation”.

With the plethora of tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and even gummies on the market that claim to provide high levels of nutrients, are the ingredients digestable and able to be fully absorbed? There are brands upon brands, lined up on shelf upon shelf, down aisle upon aisle – a sea of supplements, how do we know what to choose?  Of all of the brands I have chosen along the way (and that’s a lot), I have come back to Juice Plus+.  I like the science behind it – that’s the bottom line in my book.  I do also take turmeric, Vitamin D3, probiotics and B Complex – which are not specifically provided by Juice Plus+, but my basic go-to products that are providing the bulk of my nutrition are: Orchard Blend+; Garden Blend+; Vineyard Blend+; and the new Omega Blend+ (plant based – not a fan of fish oil) – all from Juice Plus+.

In yesterday’s post I mentioned certain foods that work for most and those that should be consumed on a limited basis.  But, having said that, keep in mind that you are an individual and checking in with your “Inner Physician” is a must!  There are some methods that can provide an immediate “yes” or “no”  – asking your  Higher Self, then waiting to hear the answer; others might choose a tool, like a pendulum, and program it to provide a definitive “yes” or “no” (that will be an entire blog posting of its own); and some prefer “muscle testing” as a method of getting to the part of you that knows all of the answers.  Of course, there’s trial and error – that’s my least favoriate way of choosing what to eat and what to take.

I will continue addressing the importance of the Digestive System in my next posting – so come back and visit.  You can also check in with my Facebook page which always provides the blog links.  Happy Eating!