As I mentioned in my previous blog (Holistic Skincare), our largest organ, the “skin”, reflects the inner workings of our body.  A Holistic Esthetician, trained in Chinese Facial Analysis, can have a more complete understanding of the “what, why and where” regarding the underlying cause of your skin’s condition.  If you have a clear complexion – no acne lesions, hyper-pigmentation or distended capillaries, chances are that your body systems are healhty.  But if you do break out, have brown spots or look red – there’s an underlying reason that goes beyond “Face Value”.  I have outlined (below) facial areas as they relate to the underlying cause of specific symptoms. However, there are some conditions that do have topical causes – not cleansing properly could lead to breakouts; exposing compromised skin tothe sun could cause brown spots; taking very hot showers and over-using abrasive tools could cause your capillaries to dialate and give your skin a red appearance.  When these causes are ruled out there’s a very good chance that the reasons below would explain the imperfections:

Acne on the forehead, temples, outer cheek area, chin and around the mouth  can often be linked to the digestive tract.  Especially if the lesions appear in clusters, then yeast overgrowth is the usually the culprit. Lesions around the upper lip area is usually linked tothe stomach specifically.

Hyperpigmentation (brown spots) usually indicates liver stress or damage, possibly due to overuse of medication.

Any redness of the skin (not related to recent exposure to high temperatures) generally reflects internal inflammation – quite often related to the large or small intestines – although if it is visible on the nose, it may relate to upper digestion and/or alcohol consumption.

Breakouts or distended capillaries on the inner check area often reflect sinus pressure or congestion.

If the eyelids become droopy when the rest of the skin is firmer, the gall bladder may be stressed.  If the upper lids, closer to the brow appear irritated or flakey (eczema) it may be due to overworked adrenal glands (stress, caffeine, diet pills and other stimulants).  Over-consumption of caffeine, sugar and other stimulants can also cause an abundance of comedones (blackheads) to form on the nose.

A note of interest:  if the top lip curls up, it usually indicates chronic stomach stress and if the bottom lip curls down it often reflects colon stress.

Dietary or lifestyle changes can often have a major impact on your skin, so if you wish to see improvements you can follow the above guidelines and notice the changes that occur.  By eating more organic fruits, veggies and healthy fats (butter made from grass-fed cows, avocado, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and nuts) and less carbs and meat, you just might be surprised at how different you look and feel.  Eating raw is not for everyone, but if your digestive tract is strong, that might be a good choice for you.  For others, cooking food is best – but don’t overcook your veggies.  Carb consumpution should stay in the 40 – 60gram range for healthy people and even less for those with a health challenge.  All of these suggestions are just that – check with your physician or nutritionist if you have any questions or concerns about your diet or health.  Eating healthy, getting enough rest and sufficient exercise help to create/maintain a healthier body; reading insprirational books or tuning-in to quality webinars develop/maintain a healthier mind; and meditation, living from your heart, saying positive affirmations and praying build your Spirit.  When we’re healthy in body, mind and Spirit – our skin glows; our eyes sparkle; and our aura attracts the right people, places and things into our reality.

Until next time……..”Put Your Best Face Forward”!