Analyzing and treating the skin from the neck up just doesn’t work as well as taking the the whole person into account.  The skin is an organ that reflects the internal functioning of the body.  Diet, stress and poorly-functioning systems can often be seen in the color, texture and the overall health of the skin.  Those who may be plagued with consistent acne breakouts might first look to their diet and hormonal balance.

This week I will be providing valuable information about understanding and caring for your skin.  We’ll explore how you can decide what may be out of balance in your body and finding ways to correct that – which would then be reflected in your skin condition.   There are many anti-aging and anti-stress strategies which I will share as well as ways to explore the root cause of redness and sensitivity.  Everyone is unique, but there are some common denominators that are often at the core of specific skin imbalances.  I look forward to helping you find some answers that will make a difference in how you look and ultimately how you feel.   Connect with my Facebook page: Core Healing Essentials or click on the Facebook icon to find new postings.  Have a blessed day!