I am currently authoring a book “Intuition Saved My Life” which is an inspirational work in progress.  It is by Divine Channeling that I’m choosing specific information and just the right words to insprire individuals going through a health crisis, especially cancer.  Statistics show that cancer is finding it’s way into the bodies of one out of three people and the problem is, in my opinion, that the number is rising because we are a stressed world filled with fear, doubt, anger, guilt and sadness – which we don’t know how to process.  Molecules of emotion find their way into body tissues and either stimulate a new generation of healthy cells – if love and joy are the emotions we carry; or we experience a breakdown of our cells because of fear-based emotions that are not being processed.  It’s normal to get angry or feel sad for a an hour or so, but when the emotions linger they start to “seep in”.  Very often they find a hiding place within the fascia (our soft-tissue armour) but can also absorb right into your organs, glands, muscles, bones, and nerves.

My work has led me in the direction of helping others find a way into the deep recesses of their Soul to find the root cause of the core issues that are increasing the incidence of stress, distress and dis-ease – by using intuition (both mine and my client’s).  In our early years, we are like sponges, absorbing all the “stories” people around us were telling.  We heard about the frustrations regarding money; health; career; and relationships; and we started to create our own story that would stay with us our adult life – unless we decided our life wasn’t working and it was time for a change.  That’s where practitioners like myself can help.  We engage the Mindbody in such a way that the energetic patterns begin to emerge and can then be cleared.  Intuition is the best tool in our tool box….and yet it goes unused by many or even most folks.  We weren’t taught to rely on intution, but rather to use our rational brain to make decisions and in some cases that hasn’t gotten us very far.  If we were taught that the Universe (or God, Supreme Being, etc) is here to support us, life and living could be so much easier and more productive.

I’m choosing intuition over rationale and so far that has literally saved my life.  Not to say that I don’t use my brain to compute certain things, but I always check in with my gut – which, in essence, is my Soul getting messages from my Higher Self.  When doctors suggested I go in for a neck dissection to have my nodes removed that were cancerous; and to have chemotherapy and a full-on protocol of radiation – I said no!  Why?  Because my Higher Self told me that was not what I needed.  I chose a different path and thank God (literally) that I listened to that Inner Voice.  My life would be very different if I followed conventional thinking – I chose to trust God and his cohorts and move in an entirely different direction.  I’m grateful for the inspiration with which I was blessed and I promised I would continue to use that organic wisdom for the benefit of everyone who is seeking change.