Yesterday’s post was an intro to the Scalar Wave laser and today I would like to bring more “light” to the subject. I use this laser for anything from muscle soreness to a tooth ache. Anytime I feel discomfort, I reach for the laser. There are 18 preset programs installed into the laser and an option to design your own programs. I have a list of all the Rife frequencies and on many occassions have created new programs based on the need for specific frequencies which neutralize specific health issues . By no means would I suggest that you replace going to your physician if you develop a health concern, but if it’s something minor – especially if you know the cause – try using the laser first.

I’ve had quite a lot of dental work done (side affect of radiation) which has left my gums sore at times. I have to say that the laser worked miracles with reducing the pain and swelling. I’ve also had great success with getting relief from neck and back pain. The red light emmitted from the laser is great for skin, muslces and nerves; the infrared is helpful for deeper structures including bones, joints and tendons; and the violet is anti-bacterial and suggested for facial rejuvenation since it is known to increases stem cell production as well as lengthening the telomeres (the end of the DNA strand responsible for regenerating new cells).

Quantum Wave also developed “The Lotus” and it emmits all violet laser light. I use it for clearing and rebalancing energy in the chakras and auric fields. It raises one’s vibrational frequency and because it can help to release nitric oxide in the body – one can feel happier and peaceful.  It is also indicated for skin rejuvenation.

The flying-saucer-looking device depicted above is called “quifi”.  I also run that in my home since it was designed to neutralize harmful elctro-magnetic-frequencies.  I rest easier knowing that my wifi is not harming me.

I don’t know how I survived without my lasers before I knew of their existence.  I often carry one in my purse when I’m out for the day because you just never know when you may stub your toe and I like being prepared.  Also, sometimes a person may come into your field that is not having their best day – with the laser all I have to do is sweep around my body and any negative energy is neutralized.  It’s really like magic!

Visit my services tab and watch the video about these lasers if you wold like to see/hear more.

Mantra for the day:
“Spirit Guides, light my path to total and complete wellness”.  Namaste.