I was first introduced to Quantum Wave Cold Lasers a few years ago by Dr. Cathy Wong – a chiropractor in Huntington Beach.  She was getting great results with her patients when they needed on-the-spot relief from discomfort.  Dr. Cathy also saw results with skin lesions and brought that to my attention.  I attended a gathering at The Living Temple in Huntington Beach and when I heard the testimonials from several people that experienced varying benefits, I knew I had to have one!  So, that evening I purchased the Base Unit; the Violet Light probe (provides a higher intensity light); and the Infrared probe which offers the deepest penetrating laser light.  Quantum Laser is approved by the FDA for purchase over the counter and is FDA, Health Canada and CE (Europe) Cleared.

These laser were developed by a CranioSacral Therapist, so we speak the same language.  I understood  when he spoke about Still Point.  Still Point is when the CranioSacral Rythym slows down significantly (barely perceivable) while the body moves into a healing phase.  This happens naturally throughout the day, but being able to transition the body into this phase with a Scarl Wave Laser – at will – is extremely beneficial.  The more often a person is in Still Point – the more opportunity the body has to heal.

Cold lasers work like sunshine.  They offer photons (light energy) which nourishes all living things.  These photons stimulate the mitochondria to produce more ATP – the energy that drives our cells to regenerate and heal.  These lasers also have the capacity to clear cell memory.  It is said that the body completely replaces itself on a cellular level every 7 years.  But, then why do we carry over the discomfort of injuries from decades ago if the body is recreating itself?  Because cells talk to each other.  When a new generation of cells is being formed, they take direction from the old cells, so old injuries or dysfunction remain a part of our physical/emotional make-up……unless we interrupt that cycle with Scalar Wave Laser energy!

Revisit tomorrow when I share more info about how these cold lasers can work in your life – improving your day-to-day experience of life!  Until then, repeat the Mantra of the day:

“I am a Light Being shining my brilliance into the world”.