I’m going to begin this week’s series with information about technology that has had an impact on my life and those with whom I have shared it. This is a long posting, but I hope you take the time to read it….it could really help you and/or someone you love.

BEMER – Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation! Yep, that’s a mouth full and I am soooo grateful I was introduced to it at a crucial time in my life. My friends Dr. Virginia Vazin and Peter LaBarrie always know what’s going on in the world of alternative health and healing and have shared several products and devices with me over time….but this was the best find ever!

As I was about to begin radiation therapy, I had (understandably) some concerns about the damage that could potentially occur in the process of ridding myself of the cancer that had infiltrated my left palatine tonsil and 18 lymph nodes in my neck. I had treated naturally for ten months, beginning January, 2015 and there was progress, but my Intuition told me it was time to explore different options. After quite a bit of research I decided on Hyperthermia (cancer cannot survive in temperatures above 107 degrees) and low dose radiation which I would receive in Culver City, CA.

Just before I began my rather aggressive therapy, I was invited to an office in Costa Mesa where free sessions of BEMER were being offered, so I jumped on the opportunity to learn more about this unit and what it could do for me. I signed up and went in for an 8-minute session. Right, 8-minutes – that’s what I thought! How could anything help me in 8 minutes?

Initially, I wasn’t sure of what or how I felt. It wasn’t until I reached the elevator on my way out of the building that I realized the sciatic pain in my left buttocks and leg was completely gone. Since that was not in the forefront of my mind at the time I was consulting with the practitioner, I hadn’t even mentioned it.

Within a short time, Dr. Vazin and Peter bought a unit and were so generous to allow me the opportunity to receive a session every day after my radiation therapy. As a result, I was repeatedly asked by new-comers to the cancer center who I had brought for treatment. I looked so well they didn’t realize I was the patient. This continued until December of 2015 when my Intuition told me I was cancer free. I stopped radiation (against doctor’s advice) and my PET Scan showed I was right….no trace of cancer after 9 weeks of treatment.

Tomorrow, I will continue providing facts about how the BEMER improved my nutrition up-take and oxygenated my cells, allowing me to have every chance of regaining my health.

Until tomorrow……try repeating the mantra “All I have to do is ask and God provides”.