CranioSacral Therapy is a modality that accesses your Soul. Meaning that all the experiences you’ve had in your life, which are imprinted onto your Soul can potentially be accessed during a session. For a more in depth opportunity to process through trapped energetic debris, Root Cause Release Technique℠ is a better choice. However, CST releases fascial restrictions; helps to clear and balance Chakras; may allow bones to shift back into their proper place of alignment and deeply relax the Mindbody. But the most important consideration is when the practitioner “arcs” the body to see where your “Inner Physician” wants to explore. That’s where the work must begin. Most process Body Work is an opportunity to “peel back the layers” like an onion.

I honor the Inner Physician – the part of you that knows what’s going on and how to find the solution! Who can argue with that? Intuitive inevitably comes into play – best when both the practitioner and the recipient both bring insight and intuition to the table, but not a requirement!!!!!