Have you heard the expression “We are what we think”?  There is actual proof that substantiates that phrase.  In reaction to an experience, we develop thoughts about that experience.  In response to the thoughts, we generally experience emotion(s).   The Limbic System is the seat of our emotions, motivation, learning and memory. It has been scientifically established that the Limbic System extends beyond the structures of the brain, contrary to what was previously believed.  This system is part of “The Mindbody Super-Intelligence” that extends to each cell within our bodies. Undigested emotions can lodge in our cells within the fascia, organs and other tissues which can lead to pain and dysfunction.

Simplified Explanation of How Emotional Energy Moves Within the Body

The Receptor – This protein molecule is found on the surface of cells in the body and brain.  It responds to energy (vibration) and chemical cues by vibrating.  It functions as a “scanner” waiting to pick up messages carried by other vibrating protein molecules.  Let’s consider the receptor to be like a “keyhole”.

The Ligand – This is the message-carrying, vibrating protein molecule (emotional energy) that travels through interstitial fluid and binds to the receptor.  Let’s consider this to be the chemical “key” that fits into the keyhole.

The Receptor and the ligand vibrate together which forces the message through the cell membrane into the interior of the cell, causing a chain reaction of biochemical events.  This can translate into physiological changes within the cells.  Specific ligands fit into specific receptors.

The Receptors, believed by scientists to be part of our unconscious mind, accept and store information that has not been digested by our conscious mind.  Any “negative” information (emotions that stem from fear) in the form of vibrations stored in our cells can manifest into illness, while “positive” information (emotions/practices that stem from love) absorbed by our cells can initiate a healing process.

Everything in life has a vibrational frequency.  The following is a list of emotions or states of being from Dr. David R. Hawkins book, Power VS Force.  (Recommended reading/listening).

  • Shame – energy level 20             Guilt – energy level 30
  • Apathy – energy level 50             Grief – energy level 75
  • Fear – energy level 100               Desire – energy level 125
  • Anger – energy level 150             Pride – energy level 175
  • Courage – energy level 200        Neutrality – energy level 250
  • Willingness – energy level 310   Acceptance –  energy level 350
  • Reason – energy level 400          Love – energy level 500
  • Joy – energy level 540                 Peace – energy level 600
  • Enlightenment … energy level 700 – 1000

Our state of health is primarily a choice (whether initiated in Spirit or in the physical realm).  Just because we are genetically pre-disposed to a condition does not mean we will necessarily develop that condition.  Epigenetics matter more than genetics.

What you eat, where you live, who you interact with, when you sleep, how you exercise, even aging – all of these can eventually cause chemical modifications around the genes that will turn those genes on or off over time. (www.whatisepigenetics.com). In addition, undigested emotions can be added to the list of epigenetic factors that can impact our genes (coding sequences of DNA).  DNA has Receptors for Ligands(see above).  Consistent “positive vibrations” flowing through the MindBody could have a positive impact on our genes and consistent negative vibrations can create illness.

“In reaction to THOUGHT,
We experience EMOTION.
All emotions stem from
Thoughts of LOVE bring forth HARMONY and BALANCE.
Fearful thoughts bring forth IMBALANCE.
Regarding HEALTH,
these disturbances
are first realized by our SOUL.
It is our PHYSICAL BODY that ultimately manifests the symptoms.
If our aim is to completely HEAL,
we must do so in our
BODY and SOUL with guidance from SPIRIT.”